15 Best Wedding Cake Toppers

There are so many wonderful rituals and traditions involved in a wedding day, from the exchanging of rings to the throwing of the bouquet. The cutting of the wedding cake is one such time honored tradition, and it usually occurs at a very crucial time in the day’s proceedings, between the afternoon meal and the evening disco!

It is a time when friends and family can gather around the happy couple and witness them cut the cake together, a symbolic gesture that represents the beginning of their newly married lives. 

For this reason, the choice of topper that sits on your wedding cake is incredibly important. From traditional bride and groom figurines, to romantic text, or unique illustrations, a wedding cake topper represents what kind of a couple you are and how you wish the world to perceive you.

It is designed not only to decorate your cake and make a wonderful centerpiece that will feature in many of your favorite photographs, but it is also a souvenir that you can keep long after the day itself is over. When all the fruit cake and fondant icing have long been eaten, your cake topper will remain a meaningful memento of your special day that you can display on your mantelpiece or shelf for years to come.

We have put together a list of our favorite wedding cake toppers available on Amazon, to give you some ideas about what is out there and some inspiration for what you might like on your own wedding cake. 


Let’s kick off with this beautiful Mr and Mrs cake topper, which is both eye-catching and elegant in its clean, classic simplicity. The ribbon writing effect of this text makes the words look like they are floating effortlessly about the top tier of the cake, and also makes the words appear beautifully intertwined, reflecting the couple’s love for each other.

This topper is suitable for a cake that is 6 inches or larger and is double sided so that your cake will look fantastic from every angle. It is a great idea to match the ribbon running around your cake with the glittery silver of the writing to create a cohesive overall design.

This topper is 6.7 inches in height and 7.3 inches wide, so it is large enough to make an impact but is in no way over bearing. The font is intricate but also clear enough to be easily readable, making this topper an excellent choice for any classic cake.


This hand sculpted topper is the perfect choice for couples looking to capture romance and sincerity. The sculpture is cast in resin from a wooden original created by artist Susan Lordi, and you can see the whittling marks very clearly on the surface of the sculpture.

This wooden quality is rustic yet clean, and the intertwined pose of the figures is incredibly intimate. The muted color palette gives this topper an earthy, organic feel which is great for couples who value authenticity and nature.

You may need to provide tissues to friends and family, because this cake topper is a real tear-jerker and will look beautiful on any mantlepiece as an ornament after the event.


For couples to whom the religious significance of marriage is paramount, this gorgeous cake topper is ideal. The sculpture has an excerpt from the Bible verse Mark 10:8 inscribed in the base, so that the true meaning and importance of marriage is never overshadowed by the glitzy celebrations.

The reference to ‘two becoming one’ is both romantic and poetic, and it underpins the seriousness of a couple’s commitment to each other. What is more, the chic design of the figurines will add class and elegance to any wedding cake.

There are some really beautiful, hand-painted details such as the doves and cross, and there are 13 inlaid crystals dotted around the bouquet and headpiece which add glistening accents to the overall design and lift this topper to a heavenly high.


Next up we have something for the glamorous couples out there, those who love a bit of glitter and sparkle. This Mr and Mrs topper is gloriously glitzy and the rhinestone crystals will really twinkle under the marquee lights.

The gold alloy backing adds warmth and richness to the overall design and makes this topper a true show-stopper. Although only 5.3 inches high, it is 5 ounces so feels very solid and durable. If you have dreamt of a fairy tale wedding and want to feel like royalty on your special day, then this bejewelled topper will add that something extra to your wedding cake and elevate it to something sublime.


This eye-catching circular design is perfect for couples who want to put their own spin on things and prefer a personalized, homemade aesthetic to something too polished and shop bought.  This topper arrives as a clear acrylic disc onto which any colors and words can be painted using standard artist materials.

It means that you can truly make it your own, and can create a cake topper that is completely singular – just like your relationship. You can echo your wedding color scheme in your choice of paints, or go as wild as you like.

What is more, you can write a traditional message like ‘Happily Ever After’ or you can add a more personal message that is specific to you and your partner. The possibilities are endless and, best of all, the pack contains 20 discs, so you needn’t worry about going wrong on your first attempt because there are plenty of discs to practice on.


If you like to keep things simple then this heart-shaped cake topper may be the choice for you. The slim and delicate font, paired with the simplicity of the text is incredibly profound and really captures what a wedding is all about – Love.

The heart and stake are made of wood so are lovely and lightweight, and the stake can easily be trimmed with a pair of pliers to suit the size and depth of your cake. What really elevates this topper is the addition of the foliage that winds elegantly around the base of the heart.

These leaves and flowers are fake so will not wilt or wither with time but stay green and plush for years to come. They give the topper a rural charm and add a flash of color that will really lift and accentuate the overall look of your wedding cake.


If you are holding a ‘festival-style’ wedding, very popular with couples these days, then this bunting cake topper will perfectly match your fun and free aesthetic. The wooden poles poke easily into the sponge layer of a cake and the cotton bunting flags dangle daintily, making this topper approximately 9 inches wide.

The ‘Just Married’ messaging is fun and celebratory and the addition of the string will really turn your cake into a miniature festival scene. Unlike with real bunting, this topper needs no fiddly tying (or climbing up ladders) but is ready and preassembled, straight out of the bag.

What is more, the refined wood and cotton elements are both high quality and durable, as well as being natural and green, so your environmental consciences can stay clear. For its whimsy, originality and cuteness, this bunting cake topper is a winner.


The awesome thing about this Luxtomi cake topper is that it is made to order and can be customized specifically to you. Luxtomi offers a range of designs to choose from which allow you to add your married name and/or wedding date to the text on the topper.

The company then hand paints the design in your choice of color and finish, so you can put your own personal touch on it without actually having to do any of the messy stuff!

The topper is made from fiberboard which is durable and reliable, so won’t snap as you set it in the cake, and is painted in hardwearing Lux paint which is completely food safe. As customized options go, this company makes reliable, high-quality toppers that will feel special and personal to you.


If you are looking for something truly luxurious and high-end to sit atop your wedding cake then this stunning statuette by Wedding Collectibles could be the perfect thing. The elegant design is made from fine porcelain and therefore will make a most incredible ornament for your living room which will always remind you of your happy day.

The wow-factor of this topper is increased by the addition of rhinestone studded roses floating in the swirling sea of faux pearl waves that tumble around the base of the figures. The figures themselves are perfectly captured and seem to be dancing, such is the movement and flow of their pose.

The heart-shaped frame gives this topper a height of 11.1 inches so it really adds drama to any cake, yet its weight is only 1.94 pounds so there is no risk of squashing the cake beneath a very heavy ornament.


These wooden log lollipop toppers are so fun and chic! If you prefer an understated aesthetic with rustic vibes and natural materials then these are for you! What is more, they are an excellent budget option if you are wanting to save your pennies for the honeymoon!

The ‘Mr & Mrs’ signage is printed in clear, bold lettering that stands out even from across a field, and the company offer ‘Mr & Mr’ or ‘Mrs & Mrs’ options too, making this a great option for gay weddings. The lollipops stand at 6 inches high and can be placed on one single cake or several smaller cakes depending on what you are having.

For a low budget, high impact option, this topper is charming and fun.


Now for something for the romantics out there. This next topper depicts an incredibly intimate scene, with a couple kissing in front of a mountain backdrop.

The black silhouettes are striking and very clear to make out, so will look bold and dramatic on top of any cake, particularly those covered in white fondant as it will look like snowy ground. The mountain scene is serene and almost fairy tale-like, and this is a perfect topper if you as a couple love mountains or are getting married in a rural setting because it will reflect your personal journey.

The topper is made from acrylic and stands at over 6 inches in height, so will be visible to all. Plus, the ‘Mr and Mrs’ text provides the perfect foundation on which the whole scene rests. It really will add romance and poetry to your wedding cake and will be a memorable and much admired detail on the day.


In the 21st century, weddings come in many different forms and styles and there is far more room to be alternative and unique than there ever used to be. These adorable, pink flamingo figurines take the traditional wedding topper and add a humorous and kitsch twist on the theme.

They are camp and colorful and project joy in abundance,making these little beauties a perfect option for gay and LGBTQ+ couples as well as heterosexual couples. They are made of high quality rubber, which makes them long lasting and durable enough to withstand even the most raucous of celebrations and still look good on your shelf at home afterwards. 


This unbelievably cute wedding cake topper has loads of retro, 80s charm. The bisque porcelain finish is reminiscent of those ornaments that would sit on your grandparents mantlepiece, and the cartoon-style characters will take you back to the cartoons of your childhood and make you want to race to Disneyland for your honeymoon!

The way that the groom is lifting his bride into the air is playful and full of movement and energy, and the many frills on the bottom of the bride’s dress are simply exquisite. This statue is hand painted and beautifully finished with silver accents that lift the piece into a new dimension.

It makes a wonderful wedding gift as well, and will be a favorite ornament and decoration in any home.


Not only is this wedding cake topper made of fine porcelain and finished with a crystal wedding ring on the bride’s finger, but it also depicts an interracial couple intwined in a tender embrace. The aspect of diversity and the wonderful details on the figures all combine to create a singularly special cake topper.

It is high-quality, and will add a level of sophistication and luxury to your day, and it stands at 6 inches in height, so will make a wonderful impact on top of your cake.


And finally, for those couples who love to have a laugh and make others laugh at the same time, this hilarious twist on the traditional wedding cake figurines will certainly make your cake memorable!

The image of the tied up groom being held by his bride captures perfectly who is the boss in the relationship and will initiate lots of lighthearted humor and conversation on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should a wedding cake topper be?

A cake topper that stands at 5 inches tall is generally a good proportion for the top tier of a wedding cake. 5 inches in width is also a good size to look for as the average top tier on a three layer cake is 6 inches in diameter. 

What material is best for a wedding cake topper?

For a wedding cake topper with written signage it is always best to make sure that the cardboard or glitter card is reinforced with posterboard or something slightly thicker to ensure it is durable and does not start to droop over time.

How do I make my own wedding cake topper?

Many people love to make handmade wedding cake toppers for that added personal touch. There are plenty of amazing tutorial videos on youtube that guide you through the process step by step.