Best Way To Freeze Cake

Whether it’s a classic Victoria sponge or a delicious red velvet, cake has always served as a timeless treat to compliment any occasion. Your cake might be the main staple at a birthday party, or a long-term snack to treat yourself after a hard day. 

Either way, the best cakes are fresh, moist and easily stored for later use. If you’ve taken the time to bake a tasty cake, the last thing you want to happen is for it to dry out when the steam escapes during cooling.

To prevent this, you can store cake in a freezer for up to three months! Freezing your cakes also means that you can bake cakes ahead of events, as well as keep any party leftovers for later use, and of course for midnight snacks. 

But how do you freeze cake successfully? Sure, you can use cling film or aluminium foil, but this can be messy and time consuming.

Instead, you could pick up a high-quality and cost-effective storage container, made especially for freezing cakes. Pop your delicious bakes into a cake keeper for easy storage and access. 

To save you time, we’ve racked up some of the best options below for you to compare, so your future cakes will stay moist and flavoursome for up to three months.


The Servin' Saver Round Cake Keeper from Rubbermaid is the perfect storage container for birthday parties. It can hold up to 10" cakes and features molded-in centering rings on the base, plus a tight-fitting lid to keep your cakes fresh. 

The base can also be used as a serving tray, which is useful for hosting parties, and the lid is see-through so you can easily identify the contents. Reliable, sturdy and dishwasher-safe, this convenient cake keeper from a top baking brand is an excellent addition to any kitchen. 


  • Easy to clean - dishwasher-safe with simple clear plastic design. 
  • Durable and sturdy - strong, reliable plastic and secure lid handle. 
  • Large capacity - can hold 10" cakes with up to three layers. 
  • Cost-effective - reasonably priced for a top-brand product. 
  • Portable and lightweight - great for taking cake along to parties. 


  • Not completely airtight - the container has a snug fit but isn’t completely airtight, so may not be the best choice for cakes being stored for a long time. 


A fantastic storage option for your cakes, the Tupperware 12" Pie Round Keeper Cake Taker is secure, easy to carry and protects freshness to the highest standard. 

Tupperware are well known for their high-quality storage products; and have once again delivered a top-tier cake keeper worthy of your purchase.

With a large capacity for cakes up to 12” and two layers tall, this container is ideal for any baked goods you would like to preserve; from cheesecakes to cupcakes. 

This cake keeper is reliable, sturdy, and will keep your cakes as fresh as the first day you made them for months to come. 


  • Easy carrying - with a reliable lock feature. 
  • Premium freshness - cakes stay as fresh as the first day they were baked. 
  • Well-made and reliable - key features of Tupperware products. 
  • Large capacity - can fit cakes up to 12” in size. 
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher-safe and transparent plastic design.


  • Expensive - not as cost-effective as other cake keepers on the market, so may not suit all budgets. 


Extreme Freeze Reditainer are especially designed for freezing. Capable of withstanding temperatures to -40 degrees, these containers are ideal for maintaining high-quality freshness. 

These cake keepers are very cost- effective when it comes to storing lots of separate cakes, as they come in a package of eight with tight-sealing lids for optimum moisture retention. 

Not only do these containers sport heavy- duty plastic for highly secure storage, they’re also microwavable; which means they’re perfect for saving and heating up that delicious hot fudge cake you’ve been dreaming about. 


  • Value for money - for the same price of one container from other retailers, Extreme Freeze Reditainers come in a package of eight. 
  • Extremely durable - especially designed for freezing, you don’t need to worry about cracking lids and can store cakes for an extended time. 
  • High-quality - containers are commercial restaurant quality. 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe - easy cleaning and great for hot cakes.


  • Not transparent - you’ll need to open up the lid to see the contents. 


The Fox Run Saver Pie is very useful for freezing cakes up to 10 inches. Easy to store, transport and clean, this cake keeper is a time and mess saving wonder with six individual slice containers - an essential feature for any frequent party or picnic-goer. 

Take slices to work or school with this large, freezable container; which is durable, sturdy and transparent. It’s made of strong, rigid plastic and well-sealed individual sections, so you can rely on the Fox Run Saver Pie to keep your delicious cakes fresh, moist and ready to eat. 


  • Six individual storage sections - easy access to slices, keeps each slice perfectly presented. 
  • Durable plastic - great for freezing and transporting your baked goods. 
  • Lightweight yet sturdy - for easy transportation to parties and picnics. 
  • Transparent top - showcase your finest cakes!


  • Not a completely airtight seal - other manufacturers may have a stronger seal, so this may not suit cakes being stored in the freezer for an extended period. 


The perfect solution to your cake freezing needs, the Prepworks Cake Carrier by Progressive is easy to store and transport to any party. It’s versatile too, fitting any round cake up to 10”, square cakes up to 9” or a maximum of 24 cupcakes. 

That’s right, there’s a very tall tiered cupcake tray too, which means pro-bakers can add lots of frosting to their baked delights with no mess. The cupcake holders are extra deep to prevent any accidents while transporting; and also make for easy removal.

The cupcake tray can be removed to store any cake, and to reveal the built-in slicing guide. For optimal freezer storage, the cupcake trays fold up into the cake keeper. This feature- packed container is dishwasher-safe too, making your cake-baking experience easy and enjoyable. 


  • Unique design keeps cakes fresh - patented design and collapsible cupcake trays for compact freezer storage. 
  • Easy transportation - deep cupcake holders for easy removal and strong, reliable carrying handle. 
  • Multipurpose - cupcake trays can be removed to reveal flat base for any cake. 
  • Large capacity - can accommodate most cakes, cupcakes and muffins. 
  • Easy to clean - BPA free tested, dishwasher safe, transparent plastic outer.


  • Large to store - requires a lot of freezer space 


The XL Cake Carrier by STERILITE is the perfect product to keep your cakes looking great and tasting moist.

The safest way to freeze and transport the cakes you’ve put so much effort into is to use a locking cake carrier; and STERILITE have delivered a high-quality container which will help you keep your cakes fresher for longer. 

An excellent way to store even the most delicate cakes, this carrier features a beautiful design, a large capacity and two bottom locks to secure your best cakes in place and protect them from freezer burn.

Storing cakes all the way up to 13” in size has never been easier with this highly durable container. 


  • Very large capacity - stores cakes up to 13”. 
  • Safety - BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. 
  • Easy to hold and transport - double lock feature and strong carrying handle. 
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe. 
  • High-quality and durable - very sturdy and keeps cakes fresh in the freezer for extended periods.


  • Expensive - costs more than other manufactures, may not suit all budgets. 
  • Very large - may not be suitable for smaller freezers. 


If you’re looking for a durable yet cost-effective option to freeze your cakes, DecorRack has the product for you. Coming in a variety of colours, these containers are affordable and basic, but don’t compromise on quality. 

With an airtight seal, as well as shatterproof and leak proof plastic, DecorRack’s cake keeper is long-lasting, reliable and suits all budgets. These containers are stackable and reusable, so it may be worth picking up more than one if you plan on baking a variety of cakes. 

They’re completely freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe as well as highly versatile; which means you can use them to store much more than leftover birthday cake. 


  • Cost-effective - suitable for all budgets. 
  • Safety - food grade safe containers, BPA tested. 
  • Long-lasting - heavy duty plastic is leakproof and lid seal is airtight. 
  • Great usability - stackable and reusable containers. 
  • Easy to store - perfect size to store a cake up to 8”, doesn’t take up too much room in the freezer.


  • Not as easy to transport - no carrying handle on the lid. 


For a highly functional cake keeper, you might want to check out CakeMaster.

Their cake carrier is an excellent choice for any true cake connoisseur; featuring a locking lid and handle latches to keep cakes safe and fresh, a transparent top to showcase your most beautiful cakes, a cupcake insert and a useful turntable, which allows you to rotate and decorate your cakes with ease. 

The carrier is freezer safe; sturdy and reliable, and even comes with a snack tray! It’s also got a large capacity to store cakes up to 10.5” and the lid seals tightly to protect your cake from freezer burn.

You can even choose the colour you’d like this high-quality carrier to come in. 


  • Extras included - comes with a cupcake insert, turntable, locking lid, carrying handle and handle latches. 
  • Strong and durable - handles and base hold up to 10lbs of cake. 
  • Easy to transport - comes with carrying handle and lock feature. 
  • Nice design - with transparent outer to display cakes. 
  • Safety - made from BPA-Free PP plastic which is reliable and sturdy. 


  • Not dishwasher-safe - this cake carrier will need to be cleaned by hand. 
  • Not suitable for freezing over long periods - recommended for freezing over short periods only.


Freeze cake confidently with a TigerChef Food Storage Container Set. These containers will ensure your tasty treats are protected and kept fresh with a snap-lock airtight and watertight lid.

With a square design, these cake keepers are best suited to square-shaped bakes such as shortbread and flapjacks. 

However, the largest containers in the set will easily fit leftovers from any shaped cake, too. They’re very affordable, coming in a 12 piece set of multiple sizes for all your food storage needs.

TigerChef have also thrown in a free roll of freezer label tape and a permanent marker for your convenience, which will help you to ensure your cake stays safe and top- quality. 

The containers are all microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, with a 4-hinge locking system to form an airtight barrier. They’re leakproof, made from clear heavy-duty plastic and support stacking and nesting so you can make best use of the space in your kitchen. 


  • Variety of sizes - to store large and small cakes alike. 
  • Multipurpose - cake is great, but why stop there? These containers can store a wide range of foods. 
  • Easy to clean and safe - can be used in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. BPA-free plastic. 
  • Cost-effective - a 12-piece set is included for an affordable price. 
  • Good quality - made with long-lasting, thick polypropylene plastic.


  • Square shape - may not be suitable for preserving large, round cakes. 


Easy freezing for smaller cakes up to 6” is made possible with the Plastic Small Cake Carrier from ZOAJU. Made from strong and durable plastic, this highly affordable option provides good freezer protection for a low price. 

With a beautiful flower-pattern on it’s semi-transparent lid, this carrier looks professional and would suit any prospective baker on a budget. It also features locking clips to secure the dome to the base tray and retain freshness while storing.

Whether you’re saving chocolate cake for a kids’ party or taking leftover sponge to the office, this carrier is easy to transport with a strong handle, and perfect for storing in smaller freezers with its compact size. 


  • Highly affordable - cost-effective in comparison to other manufacturers. 
  • Great for saving space - perfect for smaller cakes up to 6” in size. 
  • Portable and secure - thick handle for carrying, stable base and strong locking clips. 
  • Professional design - a nice looking carrier for a low price. 


  • Not as durable as other carriers - due to the lower price, the plastic is slightly flimsy and may not be suitable for freezing over long periods. 
  • Too small for large cakes - this container is only suitable for smaller cakes.

Best Way To Freeze Cake Buying Guide

Freezing cake doesn’t have to be complicated when you know how to do it properly. You want to ensure that you’re storing your baked goods efficiently, especially if you’ve spent hours in the kitchen and are proud of that one delicious cake you couldn’t bare to lose to freezer burn.

Cake containers may all look the same, and you may wonder why you can’t just wrap some cling film around your cake and be done with it. But, there are some important things you should keep in mind when considering the best way to freeze your cake.

It’s certainly difficult to choose one cake container from hundreds on the market, which is why we’ve put together this handy

buyers guide, so you know how to find the best container for your cake- freezing needs. 

Best Way To Freeze Cake

Wraps and bags VS. Containers

While it can be tempting to just stick with that spare cling film or aluminium foil you’ve got in the kitchen drawer, it’s generally agreed upon by the cake- baking community that cake containers are the way to go for fresh, moist bakes which are easier to store and easier to access. 

The added protection from a cake container preserves your cake’s shape and keeps it tasting better for longer, especially if the container features a tight seal.

For even better protection, you can double up by wrapping the cake in aluminium foil or cling film and placing it in one of our suggested cake containers above. 

Airtight seal

Air and moisture are the cause of that terrible feeling when you open the freezer to grab a delicious slice of leftover cake, only to find that it has dried out overnight.

To keep your cake fresh and moist, it’s important to use the right packaging. A high-quality container with a strong, airtight seal will protect your cake from the elements and ward off freezer burn for up to three months. 

If you are only looking to freeze cakes short-term, a snug-fit container and wrap will do just fine even if it’s not completely airtight. If you want to freeze cakes long-term, look for an airtight seal in product descriptions, as this makes a huge difference to post-thaw tastiness. 

Container size

It’s important to think about your individual needs when purchasing a container to freeze your cakes. A large carrier which can support a 13” tiered cake may be useful for a wedding with access to a large freezer, but not for the occasional treat baked in a home with limited freezer space. 

Make sure to check the size and compactness of cake containers before buying one, or you may find the carrier is too big or small for your cakes. 

Transporting cakes from freezer to table

You may not think too much about transporting your cake, but it’s actually harder than you might realise, especially if you’re taking a large or tiered cake to an event.

When searching for your new cake container, make sure that it has a strong handle, and maybe lock clips, if you need to take it somewhere. 

Pulling a small cake from the freezer and slicing it on the countertop may not warrant the need for a handle, but transporting a cake in the car or across busy streets certainly does. 

Safety features

Look for cake containers with BPA-tested and shatterproof plastic for optimum safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep cakes fresher for longer?

Wrap cakes in foil or cling film (heavy-duty foil is best) and cover tightly. Store in the freezer, in an airtight plastic container, for up to three months. Thaw cakes by covering loosely for two to three hours at room temperature. 

Do cakes freeze well?

Yes. In fact, cakes tend to retain their moisture and freshness better after freezing. This is because freezing a cake prevents steam from escaping and locks in the moisture, meaning that it will taste even more delicious!