Best Tie For Navy Suit

A tie. A three lettered word that can either have you already reaching for your drawer or running in the other direction. While they used to be used for protection against the cold, nowadays we have scarves for that.

So why do we still use them? Simple.  


Imagine someone with a tie and then imagine someone without. Which one are you more likely to see as a professional? Which one are you more likely to believe in?

Neckties have always been a symbol of nobility and honour. Like it or not, neck ties are an important feature of any good suit.  

Whether you are a man or a woman, finding the right kind of tie for any kind of suit can be a struggle. The biggest struggle is when it comes to color, but when that color is navy that struggle is times by a thousand.

It’s the equivalent of finding the right kind of jam for toast- anything goes, but does anything really go? 

The right color can pull together a classic look that’ll make you the talk of the ages, but a poor choice can do the same for all the wrong reasons. Too out there and you leave the wrong impression, too safe and you might leave no impression at all.  

Not to mention the material, pattern, design, length, and styles. Windsor, Ascot, Cravat? There’s so much more than just colour when it comes to buying a tie.

Fear not though, we’ve compiled a list to help you avoid looking like the clown of the conference. Below are ten of the best options we’ve found for ties that not only go well with a navy suit, but also take into account the array of other factors that come into buying a tie. 


Kick-starting our recommendations with JEMYGINS simple, faux silk, black tie. It’s the equivalent of a little black dress, going with almost anything and working in most situations. 

Known for their affordable yet stylish neckties JEMYGINS are the leading Amazon retailer for ties and for good reason. Their years of experience making ties means they are no stranger to neck accessories that both last and are adaptable to most situations. 


  • Excellent Quality - Thanks to years of practise making ties, the quality of these are terrific.  
  • Versatile - Black goes with anything, hardly shows stains, and can be reused for multiple events.  


  • Plain - Black may go with everything, but there’s a reason it’s called simple. If you want to stand out from the crowd perhaps our next choice is for you.  
  • Heavy weighted - 1200 stitches mean after wearing this tie for a long period of time you may start to feel uncomfortable.  


Next, we have the Hi-Tie men’s tie. Made of Jacquard woven silk, this means that the pattern is woven directly into the silk rather than on top of it, therefore creating a smooth finish with nary a single stitch out of place.  

The intricate paisley design on this blue tie means it can be called anything but simple. Detailed enough to earn the glance of anyone you’re talking to, yet subtly blue enough not to distract them for too long from your charm.  


  • Sophisticated - The elegance of the paisley makes it smart and striking, and perfect for fancy events.  
  • Silk made - Thanks to the soft Jacquard woven silk fabric it will feel nice and smooth and have a classy finish.  


  • Too fancy - Perhaps a little too overdone if you’re looking for something a bit every day.  
  • Heavy- Also 1200 stitches. This may start to feel heavy over time.  


Running with the patterned theme, this RBOCOTT floral red necktie is sure to pull together your navy suit and give you an elegant air overall. 

The navy base of the tie means the mix of red is sure to make the tie pop. The flexible material means this tie can easily be flipped from a Windsor knot to an Ascot.

Confused? Don’t be. Visit our FAQ at the bottom of the page to find out the easy difference between the two. As well as the tie itself there’s a clip included. Made from stainless steel and incredibly durable, your patience will snap before it does.  


  • Clip included- Included with this tie is a clip to prevent the tie from moving out of place, allowing you to go about your busy day.  
  • New material- This makes the tie nice and flexible, making it easier to knot.  


  • Steam press only- Because of the delicate silk material, the only way to press this tie is with a steam iron.  
  • Long- at 152cm in length, if you’re short perhaps consider a tie less than 130cm.  


Okay, so it’s not exactly a tie. But for the sake of going through all the options we present to you a cravat. A thicker version of a necktie, it’s known for being the rich man’s accessory along with a fat cigar.

Ironically though, the Cravat was originally brought into European fashion by Croatian mercenaries. Imagine what a conversation starter that would be! 

The silver, paisley floral design of this BIYINI cravat is designed to enhance and accentuate your neck area to give you an overall pomp.

Adding to that the quality of the material is robust enough to keep you warm yet just light enough to be incredibly breathable. Depending on the event, a cravat might prove to be a more expressive choice of necktie than the usual kind.   


  • Fancy- This one is sure to give off a wealthy vibe, along with its unique look and excellent silk quality.  
  • Quality Material- Made of man-made silk, it still has that soft touch feel.  


  • Distinctive- As mentioned above, it’s a very unique look and maybe not the best if you’re trying to seem down to earth.  


Much less rare than the cravat, you’ve probably seen a bow tie or two. It was also invented by Croatian mercenaries during the thirty years war, they were incredibly inventive with ways to close an open shirt. 

Don’t be alarmed by the striped orange of this Jacob Alexander bow tie as it’s fabulously offset by the interwoven navy stripes. With a preppy style, it has an academic feel to it but can be used in much more than a school setting.

Designed to look intellectual, it’ll have everyone around you asking where you got your PHD from. What that PHD stands for is up to you.  


  • Pre-tied- Most people tend to stay away from bowties because of how hard they are to tie. Luckily this one comes pre-tied.  
  • Durable- Made from micro-fibre, this bowtie is designed to last wash after wash.  


  • Distinctive- Just like the cravat a bowtie is a specific look and sure to make you stand out, so make sure you wear it to the right kind of event, definitely not for the everyday. 
  • Material- Though microfibre is excellent for durability, not so much for comfort. 


Made of wool, this tie is perfect for office wear and any general occasion. The material helps to bring the texture and colour of the tie to life and ensures it’s not just hanging there limply.

Made by Fredrick Thomas Tailors, based in London who are known for accessorising the highest of society; from celebrities like Cara Delevingne to the Royal family themselves. Even better, this tie won’t break the bank! 


  • Warm- Thanks to the thick material this tie is perfect for the wintertime and is sure to keep your neck nice and cosy, while looking great!  
  • Premium fine tailoring- Made from the best material, hand stitched by Fredrick Thomas tailors.


  • Seasonal- On the other hand, you may want to avoid a wool tie during the summertime as it can make your neck itchy and sweaty. 


From one deluxe designer to another, based in Italy and considered the height of luxury, Bologna are the gods of tie making. Made of silk woven by angels themselves this tie will caress your neck throughout the whole day and whisper sweet nothings the whole while. 

Made with Jacquard Silk, there’s not a single stitch out of place across the customised lining. Over the navy base an elaborate gold arrangement crosses over to create a personalised motif.

Every one of Bologna’s ties are thoughtfully designed and their passion for their craft comes across in every single stitch.  


  • Handmade- Entirely, carefully handmade. 
  • Versatile- This tie also has the option to be made into a cravat depending on how you want to style it.  
  • Jacquard Silk- Creates a smooth design over and even smooth material. 
  • Premium brand- Bologna are the Gucci of tie makers.  


  • Dry clean only- Due to how delicately made this tie is, it’s dry clean only which can make for expensive stains on top of a luxury price.  
  • Expensive- Since this is a premium brand it can be on the costly side, however it’s worth noting you get what you pay for.  


Floral seems to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to ties, and for good reason. Ideal for the person who wants to look suave, Barry Wang are a leading menswear designer.

Ties may only be a small part of what they do but they spend no less effort on their accessories as they do their outfits. 

This pink, silk, flower tie also comes with a matching handkerchief and cufflink set- making it ideal for weddings and other extravagant affairs. 


  • Set- The matching handkerchief and stainless-steel cufflinks mean you won’t have to fork out extra to buy them alone. Moreover, the set is sure to pull together the whole suit.  
  • Silk- Made entirely out of pure silk, this tie is supple and smooth to touch. 
  • Light- A practically weightless feel because of the silk material and designed for long wear. 
  • Durability- Over a thousand stitches closely knit together are designed to increase the wearability and toughness of this tie.  


  • Cufflinks- Depending on the kind of suit you have you may not actually need the cufflinks, and they could end up being a useless spare. So, check before you buy! 
  • Handwash/Dry clean only- Due to the silk this tie must be carefully washed.  


Don’t be confused by the word cravat, this navy and black woven swirl scrunchie tie still follows the Bordeaux shape, straight and pointy at the bottom, but is slightly wider and scrunched at the top, hence the name. 

The effect is that it hangs with a chic fit and is perfect for any occasion. DQT specialise in both men’s and boy’s accessories for all occasions and if the scrunchie tie isn’t to your liking they have hundreds, if not thousands, of more options available.

As well as the tie they include a matching navy and black pocket square- similar to a handkerchief but without the extra, unnecessary fabric.

In fact, cutting out unnecessary fabric seems to be their speciality as seen with this tie. At 39cm in length it cuts out the need for extra length as it’s already tied.  


  • Pre-tied- Unlike the previous option this tie comes pre-tied.  
  • Unique- The scrunchie look is sure to be unforgettable.  


  • Difficult to adjust- Due to the fact that it’s pre-tied, that makes it difficult to adjust based on neck shape and in some cases might hang loose.   
  • Short- At only 39cm in length this tie is the shortest option so far.  


Now so far, we’ve been assuming that you know how to tie and tie, and that might not be the case.  If that’s so, then it’s nothing to be worried about.

We’ve got your back as this option is perfect for you. Made of high-quality polyester with a silk like feel, this tie comes in all colours. Amazon’s own pre-tied tie comes in mostly solid fill. 

If you’re not sure which one will match your navy suit, then scroll down to the FAQs to find out. Made from high-quality polyester, all their ties are conveniently machine washable and designed for everyday use. Perfect to wear into the office.  


  • Pre-tied- pre-tied so you don’t have to worry about learning how to tie a tie.  
  • Adjustable- Perfect for different neck shapes as it can be expanded or shortened.  
  • Machine Washable- Made from high quality polyester makes it machine washable.  
  • Available in all colours!


  • Plain- Very plain and simple. These ties are best for office wear and general use.  
  • Cheap material- Though the polyester may be high-quality, it is still polyester which means overtime it will degrade.  

Best Tie For Navy Suit Buying Guide

On the surface buying a tie seems like an easy task (doesn’t everything). However, there are a multitude of things to consider. No idea what any of them are? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

These are some of the things you should consider when buying a tie:  

Best Tie For Navy Suit


This is especially important depending on what season you’re buying the tie for. While ties made for the warmer months can easily be worn during the colder months the reverse isn’t the same.

A tie made for the colder months will most likely overheat and irritate your neck if the weather is too warm. Wool is an example material of this. Versatile materials that can be worn any season are polyester, silk, and cotton.  


Consider what type of event you’re going to when buying your tie. If it’s a fancy event then patterned ties are considered the best, whereas informal events suit plain ties.  


The colors of your tie will depend on the color of your suit and perhaps even your complexion. The best colors for warmer complexions are green, brown, mustard yellow and warm reds.

Whereas cooler complexions tend to go best with deep purples, lavender, pink, ice blue and bright blues. 


This refers to the length of the tie and you. The length of your tie depends on how tall you are. Taller individuals should opt for longer ties whereas shorter ties are best for shorter individuals. With women, however, longer ties are best as they take into account curvature and chest size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tie a tie? 

A question for the ages! Don’t fret. If you’ve never done it before, it's easy to learn. For a Bordeaux tie you generally use a Windsor knot.   

For a Bow tie you use this method.  

For a Cravat use this one.  

And finally for an Ascot check out this video.  

Which tie colors go best with Navy?

A red, dark purple, pink, silver, or brown tie generally go best depending on the color of your undershirt. It’s best to contrast the shirt underneath i.e. a light shirt goes best with a dark tie.