Best Summer Wedding Colours

Summer is surely the best season. As the sun beams during longer days, and the world becomes brighter and more golden, it is the array of bright, bold tones that distinguishes summer from the drab winter months. 

Though, that’s not to say summer is just defined by bright yellows, reds and oranges. Summer hosts a whole range of hues. Think: the turquoise ocean and the pale-blue sky, or the earthy green foliage intertwined with muted lilac and peach flowers.

‘Summer colors’ is an extremely broad category. Perhaps with the exception of black, no colour is off limits in summer, which is one of the reasons the season is so fun! It’s full of people showing off their personality via clashing combinations and pastel tones alike. 

Best Summer Wedding Colours

It is no surprise then, with summer holding the potential that it does, that you’re hoping to have a wedding during the hot months. In addition to all of the other upsides of a summer wedding; boho style dresses, open air receptions, fresh floral decorations, wonderfully glowing skin; the vast number of colour schemes is also a wonderful benefit. 

However, with the abundance of colour schemes to choose from, deciding which is best for you can be tricky. It also doesn’t help that, with wedding planning comes the opinion of every friend, family member, and of course, that of your partner. In turn, satisfying everyone can feel impossible.

That’s why we are here to help! Below, you’ll find a list of hand-picked colours appropriate for summer.

Specifically, we’ll outline a suitable main colour, and then explore the array of potentially beautiful combinations it can be a part of. Following, we’ve constructed a handy list of things to consider, in order for you to make the most informed decision possible. 

The Best Colors For A Summer Wedding 

We’ve hand selected some great colors to use in a summer wedding, and discussed their suitability according to different wedding themes and your own preferences. Be sure to check them out for inspiration! 


Though summer is often correlated to bright, light colours, navy is an ideal option for those looking for a bit of contrast. Navy is a particularly classic, sleek colour, which would look great on bridesmaids or groomsmen.

It is a timelessly wonderful option, and would provide your wedding with an elevating touch of style, elegance and class. 

Navy is also a very versatile main colour to go with. If you were hoping for some bright pops of colour, a navy blue looks great with vibrant pinks, oranges and reds.

Navy Shoes

It’s a great option especially if you wanted a colourful bouquet to really stand out, without going too overboard. This would give your wedding a preppy but appropriately seasonal impression. 

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of a more tonal look, it’s easy to go monochromatic with navy! For a particularly fashionable option, match your navy statement pieces with lighter hues of the colour.

Think periwinkle and muted purple-blues! To bring it all together, white is a great addition to this colour scheme. It adds a sense of unity and prettiness to your decor. 


Again, not quite the bold, summer colour you might have been expecting. However, white is a very popular summer wedding color. If you are going for boho-chic decor, or having your wedding outdoors, a predominantly white color scheme is a great way to add some freshness and sophistication to your big day. 

If you are in fact hoping for a boho-chic wedding day, when trying to add hints of colour to a predominantly white colour scheme, look to nature. Consider muted floral decorations in dusty pinks and pale lavenders matched with dark green foliage for a wonderfully refined but back-to-nature feel. 

White setup at the reception

Although, white is also a fantastic way to incorporate some sparkle. For those looking for a nice balance between classic, nature and glam, opt for a white colour scheme with hints of gold and green.

This option is very sleek, and makes every element of your day look incredible, from invitations to table decorations. 


As the stems of flowers grow and the leaves of trees become a uniformly rich colour and abundant in number, it’s easy to see that green is a wonderfully appropriate color for a summer wedding.

It is also incredibly versatile, and with the rise of the popularity of foliage over flowers, green is also a particularly fashionable choice. 

As discussed above, green and white are a great combination. However, if you’re looking for something more bold, green also looks great with vibrant colours.

Green themed wedding

Think bright floral colours, like reds, oranges and yellows. If you are a lover of pink, a mint-green theme is the perfect backdrop to add splashes of pink in an elegant way. 

Green is also perfect for those of you with a more muted colour palette. If you opt for a sage green, you can rely on all different shades of peach to give your day a wonderfully understated, natural look.

These two colours also look very classy when paired with hints of grey, so consider putting the groom in a light, summery, almost silvery grey, to pull the whole theme together. 


If you are hoping for a bold colour, but you’re not quite ready to commit to an all-out rainbow, orange is the perfect way to maintain a slightly natural look, whilst incorporating a summery, citrussy tone.

Orange is a great accent colour, and looks perfect as a monochromatic, tonal theme. Consider table decorations in a rust or copper colour, matched with a bright-but-not-too-bright orange (think the flesh of an orange). Hints of dark green foliage dotted around can really bring this look together. 

Orange Theme Wedding

For those of you looking for a statement, but somewhat familiar and traditional, colour scheme, consider matching a cool orange tone with royal blue. These colors work together perfectly if you are hoping for a vintage style wedding day. Consider putting bridesmaids in blue dresses whilst holding contrasting, orange flowers. 


Finally, a truly bold, summer color! Also, the embodiment of love. Red is the perfect colour for those wanting a traditionally romantic style decor, whilst keeping things bright and bold. Red is also a very versatile accent colour! 

In an outdoor wedding, red is a glorious pop of colour. If you’re looking for a laid back affair, perhaps something reminiscent of your early picnic dates with your now life partner, think roses paired with gingham or floral red table cloths. Delicate white and green flowers can really help pull this red look together. 

Red Theme Wedding

For a more traditional, classic style wedding day, you can opt for a red theme, enhanced by white and regal blue. This is an ideal choice for a more intimate affair, particularly if you plan on having an indoor ceremony and reception. Red and blue decorations on top of a cake also look very dignified! 


Keeping in theme with the traditionally summery tones, you have to at least consider using yellow! Perfect to decorate the happiest day of  your life, a cheery yellow will leave a lasting image in each of your guest’s memories, as well as your own! 

If you liked the red picnic style we discussed, but fancy something more fun, a yellow version of this is a perfect compromise. Pair an abundance of bright yellow sunflowers and features with red gingham table cloths. Blue also works very well with yellow, so you should consider using splashes of royal blue in your decor. 

Yellow Flowers Wedding

If a muted yellow is more your thing, consider a delightfully adorable and fresh pastel theme. Pair lemon-yellow accents with splashes of faded lilac for a mellow but fruity look. In fact, you can use real lemons as fun little decorations! This is an ideal color scheme for laid-back, beachy weddings. 


If you naturally associate the summer with long days at the beach, splashing around in the refreshing sea or lying for hours on the sand underneath the clear sky, it’s likely that you have an affinity for the color blue.

And why wouldn’t you! Summer is a time of glorious shades of blue, and so would fit a summer wedding perfectly. 

Blue dresses

If you are hoping to truly emanate that beach feeling, a seaside-like combination of blue and blue-greens is perfect. For this monochromatic style, utilise all different shades of muted blues and blue-greens. Delicate and small white flowers will help bring the airy, laid-back look together. 

If you were looking for something less bold, a gorgeously understated pairing is that of pale blue and pastel peach or coral. These laid-back colours are ideal for a bohemian wedding. Make sure to add splashes of cream to really pull the look together. 


Pink is a versatile choice, and a great color for those bright, hot, August weddings. Pink can foster all different kinds of atmospheres, ranging from stylishly retro, to fabulously glamorous, to elegantly understated. 

If you are looking for a retro theme, consider matching multiple pink hues with splashes of yellow. This almost-monochromatic look is ideal for those large weddings which expand from indoors to outdoors as the evening progresses, as the pink will work wonderfully regardless of the setting. 

For something more understated, opt for a monochromatic blush colour scheme. The neutral-pink tones will provide both warmth and coolness, whilst offering a wonderfully subtle feminine feel.

This romantic palette is ideal for outdoor weddings. To bring out the beauty of this colour scheme, make sure to add hints of dusty rose within the decor. 


This one might seem a bit bizarre. Beige… in summer? However, for those summer weddings which border on late-spring or early-autumn, beige can make for a very classy choice. 

If you are looking for a more innovative way to show off your artistic side, rather than experimenting with clashing color schemes, maybe consider using textures.


Beige colored wildflowers flowers and dried grasses are an excellent way to foster an au natural atmosphere. Be sure to include small hints of dark green and off-white or cream to really bring the look together. 

Additionally, if you’re planning a wedding in a converted barn style venue, beige is an excellent color choice. Using hay bales and wooden palettes as decor, or even as tables and chairs for people to casually relax (and take very instagramable pictures), is a super addition to a wedding day. 

Remember that, with beige, adding splashes of colour is definitely possible. Think greens, pinks, reds, whites, yellows, blues… the list is endless! 


We realise that, for some people, a love of summer doesn’t necessarily equate to a love of bold, bright colors. Rather, for some, summer is light, airy and relaxed. If this describes you, the plethora of champagne tones is a perfect choice for your wedding day, and a great way to match your choice of drink to your theme! 

Champagne Dresses

Similarly to beige, this colour palette also offers the opportunity to use a multitude of different textures. From light, airy drapes which move in the breeze, to thick, linen tablecloths, the variation in taupe shades and textures is a super stylish, beautifully elegant choice of themes! 

Things To Consider 

We hope our list of summery color palettes helps you with your choice. However, there are a whole range of things you should consider before making a solid choice. To make sure you feel confident and able to choose the most appropriate color for you and your partner, check out the tips and tricks below! 


One mistake people often make is having a colour palette set in their head, before even booking a venue. Whilst it is a good idea to have a base color in mind, and we encourage you to do this, it is important not to set your heart on a whole color theme, before you’ve really seen your venue. 

Once you have booked your venue, then you can more concretely decide on a colour palette. If your wedding venue is a blank slate, hosting white or plain walls and decor, you will be able to pretty much choose any colour scheme you like! 

However, if your venue, and its surrounding area, already has a particular theme or color scheme imposed, we suggest you go along with it!

This isn’t to say you cannot personalise it, be sure to add splashes of your personality by using different textures or clashing colours, but make sure not to try and change the venue too much, as it can end up looking disjointed and messy. 


One of the great things about your wedding day is that you get to feel amazing! The beautiful dress and professionally done hair and makeup aren’t the only ways to make you feel fabulous. The color palette you use can also do so! 

When thinking about your color scheme, we implore you to consider what works well with your skin tone, and what colors make you and your partner feel confident, happy and fun.

If you’re not sure, write a list of clothes, accessories, or even places that make you feel good. After, you will hopefully notice some consistency in your list through the colors that pop up. 


Weddings aren’t simply defined by the season they are in, but a whole range of things. One of the most important things to consider is the overarching wedding style or theme that you would like. 

If you know you want a laid back, outdoor, boho style wedding, make sure your color scheme adequately reflects that! Likewise, if you want a more preppy, traditional wedding, be sure to think carefully and consider whether your chosen palette communicates that feel. 


Finally, your wedding day is an opportunity to really show your friends and family your personality. This can be done in a number of ways, from your outfit, to your table decorations. However, one of the most memorCable and prominent ways to do this is through your color scheme! 

Make sure to really think about what you and your partner like. If you’re a bold, fun-loving couple who enjoy being bright and colorful, make sure your wedding reflects that!

Don’t let yourself be convinced by the opinions of your mother (or mother in law!). This is your day, and your color scheme should absolutely reflect that! 

Final Thoughts 

Summer is a wonderful time to get married. It is a season full of life, warmth, love, and color! There is an incredible range of potential color schemes for a summer wedding, ranging from the loud and bold to the subtle and laid-back.

There is truly something for everyone, and once your color scheme is decided upon, you’ll be surprised at how everything seems to fall into place! 

Although, we know with such a range of color options at your fingertips, that this can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. To make sure that this process is as easy and stress-free as possible, we hope you take our tips and tricks on board.

If you do so, picking a wedding color should become a fun activity to do with your partner, which results in a choice that makes your wedding day truly memorable.