Best R&B Wedding Songs

R&B music has always been a staple in weddings. The genre is known for its smooth melodies, romantic lyrics, and soulful beats.

Best R&B Wedding Songs

If you want to add some R&B flavor to your wedding reception, these songs are sure to get guests dancing.

These R&B wedding songs will make the perfect additions to your ceremony or reception playlists.

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you will want to make sure you have plenty of time to think about what songs will go on your wedding playlist. 

You should include songs that have a special meaning to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Trying to remember special songs can be difficult and so our list is here to offer suggestions as well as hopefully remind you of some special times with your loved one.

Best R&B Wedding Songs

Below we list the 20 best R&B wedding songs. Include these songs during the reception or ceremony to create good vibrations on your special day.

This list is in no particular order.

I’m Yours By Jason MRAZ

This song was written specifically for the movie Valentine’s Day. It features an acoustic guitar and soft vocals that perfectly fit the mood of love.

A great acoustic song to walk up the aisle to or enter the reception with your newly wedded spouse.

Just The Two Of Us By Grover Washington And Featuring Bill Withers

A great song with a great message about unity and married couples making it through. The smooth vocals are perfect for sweeping across the dancefloor too.

The Way You Make Me Feel By Michael Jackson

This upbeat pop ballad will have everyone on their feet. This is a great first dance song or the first dance of the evening to get everyone on the floor. This song will be recognized by young and old.

All Night Long By Lionel Ritchie

A great song to finish the day of celebrations and a way of ending the party on a high. This Lionel Ritchie song will get everyone back on the dance floor for one final dance and is a great way of getting those hips moving and toes tapping.

You’re My First, My Last, My Everything By Barry White

The perfect lyrics for a wedding song, Barry White is the king of love songs and his voice and lyrics are sure to be a bonus on your wedding day. His times are timeless, and their lyrics hold beautiful messages about true love.

Halo By Beyonce

Beyoncé originally wrote this song about her husband and so the lyrics are filled with love and emotion. The stunning melody will elicit emotional responses in everyone who attends your big day.

My Girl By The Temptations

A classic wedding song, this old timer has been played at weddings for decades and is still a great choice, especially for the reception when you want music that people can dance to with a clear beat.

All Of Me By John Legend

This song is about how much people love each other, and it perfectly describes how you should treat your loved ones. Legend’s gorgeous lyrics and arrangement make this song perfect for use at either a wedding ceremony or reception.

Sign, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours By Stevie Wonder

This R&B wedding song is a great choice for a bride and groom getting married. The lyrics are very romantic and sweet and this song is often used as the exit song from the ceremony once all the papers have been signed and the marriage is official.

Always And Forever By Luther Vandross

What everyone hopes for on their wedding day is for a forever love and this song brings those sentiments home.

Luther Vandross has a collection of love songs and this is just one of the many beautiful songs that he crafted throughout his career as a recording artist.

Overjoyed By Stevie Wonder

A testament to how you will be feeling on your special day, this song is a great way of highlighting how you feel and allowing you to share your feelings with everyone around you through the lyrics and deep, smooth singing of Wonder. 

I Say A Little Prayer By Aretha Franklin

A fun addition to this list that is great for changing the tempo of your reception from slow dancing to a bit livelier. Franklin’s gorgeous voice provides the perfect background as everyone on the dance floor sings along.

This Will Be An Everlasting Love By Natalie Cole

This song is about two lovers who want to get married, but their parents won’t let them. When they’re finally together, they realize how much they love each other.

A great choice for anyone who finds them in the same position as the couple who were the inspiration for this incredible song.

Ain’t Nobody By Chaka Khan

This rap song is very fast-paced, and it features some heavy beats making it the perfect reception song.

This song is often used as an entry song when the bridal party enters the reception.

The clear beat gets the crowd clapping and cheering, putting the bridal party at ease as they come in.

If I Ain’t Got You By Alicia Keys

This song is all about gratitude for the things in your life. Alicia Keys is a wordsmith, and it is no surprise to see her on this list.

This song also makes a stunning piano instrumental if you would like to have it live on your wedding day.

Ribbon In The Sky By Stevie Wonder

This song has been written specifically about a wedding day and tells the story of spouses finding one another being destined by the stars rather than chance.

The perfect song to gently sway in the arms of your loved one on your special day.

Purple Rain By Prince

A great song to play during your wedding reception but also a favorite for first dances. This beautiful and emotive song is a stunning choice for any wedding day, hold your loved one close while Prince’s beautiful voice and words rain down on top of you.

Always By Atlantic Starr

A golden oldie whose message of true love is still relevant to this day. This song is perfect for both the ceremony and reception of a wedding and also works as an instrumental piece if you won’t have singers on the day and would rather not play a track.

Let’s Stay Together By Al Green

This is a love song, but it is also a beautiful commemoration of real love. Al Green’s sultry tones and the change in rhythm in this R&B classic will have everyone moving and grooving on the dance floor. 

Endless Love By Lionel Ritchie And Diana Ross

We couldn’t help but finish with this beautiful song, this song is our wish for you on your special day. Enjoy the song while you gaze into the eyes of your very own endless love as you start your marriage together.

Final Thoughts

With so many genres of music to choose from and with new songs being released every day, it can be difficult to whittle down your playlist for your wedding day.

By focusing on including music that has a message that rings true to you, is special to you and your partner, or reminds you of a happy moment you are sure to have the perfect playlist just for you.

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