Best Photo Booth Props

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and it’s something you’ll always want to look back on with cherished memories. Whilst many couples will have a formal wedding album filled with professional (prim and proper) photos of you, your family, and your guests from your wedding, there may not be any photos that show how much fun everyone had on your big day. 

One of the best solutions to this problem is renting a photo booth where you and your guests can take silly photos of yourselves whenever you want. It’ll also allow your guests to go away with a memento of your wedding day without you having to give out wedding favors.

However, sometimes a photo booth can feel a bit like a picture day at school or having a passport photo taken and you end up feeling a bit awkward and not knowing how to pose in front of the camera, especially if the night is still young. 

Having props and dressing up items for your photo booth adds so much more fun and laughter to the process of taking photos and also makes a good icebreaker for guests who don’t know each other.

To help create the best memories at your wedding, we’ve searched and found the best photo booth props for you to use. 


Our top pick for the best photo booth props is this 60 piece bundle from LeeSky that has a great selection of prop options suitable for all the guests and the bride and groom. 

The props are made out of high-quality card stock so they’ll be able to withstand the excessive use and handling from all your guests throughout the day without breaking. 

As we said, there are 60 pieces in this collection so you and your guests will have no issues trying to find a prop that you like. This means you’ll also be able to get tons of different photos using a variety of props for posed photos with friends and family. 

From quotes to funny mustaches and hats, your guests will have a prop for any kind of photo they want to take. The quote props are perfect for photo booths as they’re relatively small and won’t take up huge amounts of space in the frame that leaves no room for your guests to pose. 

The props are easy to assemble yourself by simply attaching the included wooden sticks to each card prop using the provided clear stickers, so you won’t have to whip out your arts and crafts kit.


  • Large collection - Lots of versatility and suits large group photos
  • High-quality materials - Won’t break or snap from being overused
  • Easy to assemble - No additional tools or materials are needed
  • Fun and more serious props included - Allows guests to pose in different ways


  • Glittery props are messy to handle - Glitter falls everywhere and gets on hand


A selection of versatile props will allow you and your guests to create whatever kind of photos you want without being limited to posing with your hands or face. That’s why we love this Sunrise Party Supplies 31-piece set. 

The collection comes with 31 pieces of a good variety so you can get creative and have unlimited hours of fun taking pictures.

From funny bowties, glasses, and tiaras to love hearts and team bride/groom signs, the collection will have something for every one of your guests to enjoy.

The set also comes with a cardboard sign that’ll fit in a standard picture frame so you can encourage your guests to make full use of the photo booth and create some fun photos with the props. 

The props are delivered pre-cut and come inclusive of the wooden dowels and plentiful adhesive strips so you can quickly assemble the pieces on the morning of your wedding. 


  • Good-sized collection - Ideal for large groups and offers plenty of choice to guests
  • Sturdy cardboard material - Will stay intact regardless of how much use they get
  • Assembly materials included - Makes setting up a breeze


  • Adhesive included is not the strongest - May have to use super glue or tape


If you’ve got hints of rose, gold, or pink throughout your wedding then you’ll want to quickly get your hands on this set of 40 props to perfectly suit your theme.

This 40-piece set from Perfect Occasion Store will add a touch of glitz and glamour to your wedding and allow your guests to take some fabulous photos to either stick in the guestbook or take away as a memento.

The props are sent out in a sturdy box to ensure everything is protected during transit and everything arrives safely. The box can also be used for storing the props outside the photo booth on the day.

The props arrive completely pre-assembled with the wooden sticks attached to each prop so you won’t have to worry about setting aside time to stick everything together on your big day. They’ve also included some adhesive dots just in case an accident happens through the night. 

The selection of props is super versatile and will be able to suit both male and female guests as well as singletons, families, and other couples.


  • Good versatile selection - Suitable for all types of guests
  • Glitzy design - Adds glamour and class to the wedding
  • Large collection - Every guest in the photo booth can have a prop
  • Pre-assembled - No preparation is required on your wedding day


  • Some props are messy - The glitter transfers when you touch it


These writable black cardboard props are a bit different from what you’d usually find at the typical wedding, but we love them and think they help create a more personalized photo booth environment.  

The boards give your guests the chance to write some personal or loving words on their cards for the happy couple to stick in the guest book. This could be anything from inside jokes with the bride and groom to generic good wishes for the couple on their special day.

However, if you’d rather write your own words on the boards with permanent markers then you can do so. For example, if you’ve got a hashtag to use for your special day or you could put the last name of you and your partner. 

The set comes with 10 pieces included which is great for large group photos and also for smaller groups as it allows guests in line to write down what they want whilst waiting for the booth to become available. 

You may find that you’ll want to use some other props like dressing up along with these to add more variety and some guests may not bother or want to spend time writing something on the board for the photo. 

Unfortunately, the boards don’t come with pens or chalk included so you’ll have to organize those yourself, as well as having wipes or board rubbers so guests can write their own words each time.

The sticky pads which attach the sticks to the boards aren’t the most durable so we’d recommend using some super glue to make sure they stick together all night.


  • Versatile - Allows guests to write whatever they want on the boards
  • Personalisable - Offers the couple to make personalized boards to suit their wedding and theme
  • 10 pieces included - Good for group photos and guests waiting in line


  • The adhesive isn’t durable - Using some super glue is recommended


If the photo booth isn’t the main priority of your wedding and you don’t intend to spare too much of the budget on the supplies, then this 12 piece wedding party props kit from Toshine Store will fit the bill. 

You’ll get a cute collection of props that are made with a high-quality board that will stay intact even after a full day of being used by all your guests. 

The props are made up of formal and classy wedding colors so ideal for couples trying to create a classic-themed wedding and want the colors to be cohesive throughout the venue. 

The props come inclusive of wooden dowels that are easily assembled with the provided adhesives, however, for peace of mind, it’s recommended to use super glue to make sure everything stays in place. 

The props will be able to be used by couples, groups of friends, and family members who want to create some fun photos but without being too over the top. 


  • Uses classic wedding colors - Not too over the top
  • Budget-friendly - Ideal for their one day use
  • Assembly equipment included - Can assemble props on the morning of your wedding


  • Only 12 pieces - Doesn’t offer as much versatility for photos as other props

Best Photo Booth Props Buying Guide


Size is a major thing to consider when looking for props for your wedding photo booth. You’ll need to know how big the photo booth you’re renting is and how far back people will be able to stand in front of the camera. There’s no use having massive props that’ll cover the faces of all your guests or reduce the number of guests you have in the photo booth to a minimum. 

If the photo booth is large then it’ll guests stand further back so they can then fit in more people to the photo and also add more props in as well without taking up too much of the frame.


Something that soon-to-be-married couples try to do is match their photo booth props to the colors that they’ve used throughout their wedding to make everything coherent. 

This will also create the illusion that your props have been personalized just for your wedding and also looks great if people take selfies with some of the props around the wedding venue. 

Most props will stick with a general black and white theme to match with the common black tie suit that the groom wears and the white dress that the bride will wear. However, you’ll find some that are more muted colors light rose gold, white, gold, pink to match with the bridal theme. 

Wedding Theme

Not everyone goes for the classic cliche wedding theme and you’re breaking away from the status quo then make sure your wedding props for the photo booth match.

If you’re having your wedding at Christmas, then maybe you’ll want to try and find some festive props to use for your photos to fit that time of year so guests will be able to remember your wedding just from the mementos of the wedding. 

You could be having a beach wedding or beach-themed wedding, where the usual formalities have gone out the window. Maybe you’ll want to make some Hawaiian shirts, some sunglasses, and or even some leis available for your guests to wear in the booth. 

Number Of Props

If you’ve got a large photo booth that can fit in large groups of guests, then you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of props to go around for everyone to use.

However, if you're having a more limited wedding then having too many props may be too much as there’ll be too much choice for your guests and many of them could go unused. 

Remember, the more props you buy, the more you’ll have to take home with you after your wedding, so if you’re trying to minimize how much you have to keep then you may want to consider keeping the props numbers small or encouraging guests to take some home with them at the end of the night. 

DIY or Ready Made

Some props will come already assembled with the holding stick glued onto the prop itself, which makes it so much easier for couples when they come to set up the photo booth.

However, other props may require you to glue the stick onto the mask or prop yourself, so you’ll need to set aside time to do this before the wedding so the glue has time to dry.

Pre-assembled props may be better for couples who have lots to do on the days leading up and on the day of their wedding and need something simple. Although, if you’ve got a friend or a family member who can lend a hand then you could ask them to do a bit of DIY for your props.


Make sure there’s something for all your guests with your prop selection. You’ll want an array of props that can be used by both male and female guests so everyone can get a photo together.

You may want to have a collection of props that are funny whilst some are more serious/romantic. For example, you could have some silly hat or glasses props for fun pictures or have some hearts or ‘just married’ props so people will remember the photos are from your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own wedding booth props?

Yes, you can make wedding booth props and it’s also better suited for couples who are trying to save a few extra bucks leading up to their special day. You can easily find some prop templates with a quick Google search and you can print them out at home onto some paper.

Then cut out the props and stick them onto cardboard so they’re more sturdy. You’ll then need to use a utility knife to cut the shape of the prop into the cardboard and then attach some wooden sticks/dowels to the cardboard so people can hold them in the photos. 

What do you need for a wedding photo booth?

If you’re not renting a photo booth from a company then you can make a photo booth for you and your guests to enjoy by yourself. 

  • You’ll need a small space within your wedding venue, ideally with a plain background (use a sheet) and then set up a camera on a tripod in front. You could also use a phone on a selfie stick or even prop up an iPad so people can see what they look like as the photo is being taken. 
  • Have some lights placed around the area to illuminate the frame, especially as the night goes on.
  • Have props available to create some fun photos
  • Use apps like Wifibooth or Lumabooth to create photo booth format photos
  • Decide whether you’ll personally send the photos to your guests after the wedding or keep a device like a HP Sprocket near to print out the photos

Where is the best place to buy photo booth props for a wedding?

Some of the best places to find good props for weddings are at craft stores, party shops, or on Amazon. 

How to store photo booth props at your wedding?

The best place to store your props for your photo booth at your wedding is having a designated table to have them displayed so people can easily see all the ones you have and pick the ones they want to use.