Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Whilst planning your own wedding, there are so many things to plan for that it may feel like your head is about to explode. How many bridesmaids should you have? What flowers should you use for your bouquet? What style of wedding dress should you wear? 

There are so many ‘whats’, ‘whens’ and ‘whys’ that it can be difficult to think straight.

If you are here right now, reading this article, that means that, perhaps, you are thinking about color schemes. 

Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors

We understand, and we’re here to help you! In this article, we will be looking at the most popular colors that have been chosen for bridesmaid dresses, and for good reason.

These colors are timeless, and will make sure each and every one of your chosen girls look amazing on your special day.

While you may not be wearing the dresses that you pick out, it is an extremely important decision to make: your bridesmaids will walk down the aisle just before you, and therefore will be holding the standard until the audience sees you moments later.

The first viewing of the bridesmaids sets the scene for the remainder of the wedding, and you’ll want them to look as amazing as possible!

Whether you are looking for something subtle and elegant, or something that will make your girls stand out from the usual bridesmaid crowd, we can guarantee that there will be something here for you in this list.

In fact, we apologize if we give you more decisions to make if you find you are struggling to choose from the numerous choices we will now be giving you to decide from.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

Here’s a list of our twelve top picks for the most stunning bridesmaid dress colors you could ever ask for.

Golds, Nudes And Taupes

Golds, Nudes And Taupes

Here is a color palette that will ensure that each member of your bride squad will look utterly gorgeous, whilst also retaining their individuality. Who said all bridesmaids must wear the exact same color?

A mix of golds, nudes and taupes will ensure that each dress will compliment the skin tones of each bridesmaid, keeping a neutral theme.

The simplicity of the colors should flatter each girl perfectly, especially whilst each holding a bouquet of green and whichever neutral colour you decide to pick for the main flower: we recommend a bunch of white roses, as these will compliment the dresses of the bridesmaids as well as matching yours, if you decide to stick with a traditional white. 

The great thing about using golds, nudes and taupes in your color scheme is that they are so simplistic that most colored accessories, including the bouquets, will work with the outfit. This color scheme will appear modern yet timeless all at the same time.

Pastel Or Blush Pink

Pastel Or Blush Pink

You simply cannot go wrong with this chic, refreshing palette. Pinks have been used in weddings for years upon years, and there is a reason that it is such a trusted color among so many brides and their chosen bridesmaids. 

Blush and pastel pinks are some of the most popular colors used for bridesmaid dresses of all time, allowing your girls to flaunt their inner and outer feminism on your special day.

Picture yourself holding a bouquet of pink posies, lilies and roses, all perfectly complimenting your bridesmaids while they stand at your side. It’ll be a picture perfect scene!

If you are a girly-girl through and through, and you are searching for your perfect fairytale palette, there’s no need to look any further.

If you wish to switch the style up a little, go for individual styled dresses for each of your bridesmaids: there will be plenty to choose from in these shades due to its popularity, and it will be a fun way to switch things up, taking the palette and making it your own.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Okay, okay, hear me out: at first glance, this may seem slightly outlandish and bright for a wedding.

However, if you are not here for a simple, classic style that has, arguably, been over done throughout the years, this specific palette may be just what you need in order to make your own bridesmaids stand out from the crowd.

There is no other way to say it: mustard yellow is in, girls! This blinding color is coming back, bigger and better than ever.

The style of the dresses will shape what style you decide to go for, but this stylish color will make each girl pop with individuality and character no matter what. Perhaps give each girl a different styled dress: some short, some long, etc.

Give them their own moments to celebrate. Sometimes, plain pastel palettes just aren’t enough, and you just want something with a little character for your big day. Why shouldn’t you? Stand out from the crowd. Be a little different. 

If you want your bride squad’s presence to radiate positive energy at your wedding, you should definitely consider this color scheme. 

Emerald Green And White (or Ivory)

Emerald Green and White (or Ivory)

This palette is a personal favorite of mine, as these are the colors of the beautiful floor-length dress I was lucky enough to wear with my fellow bridesmaids at my mother’s wedding.

This elegant shade of green is truly stunning, and will make each bridesmaid feel like a million dollars.

Along with a white or ivory sash around the waist, the two colors will work together and bring out the best of each other, as well as matching their dresses to yours through the use of white. This palette will suit a floral, spring theme perfectly, which may be well suited for a spring wedding.

I may be biased due to already having worn a bridesmaid dress this color, but a floor-length style is absolutely perfect for this palette, although there is no doubt it’ll look great with all styles. 

This style is known to be universally favorable, and for good reason: these colors are beautiful together, and a white bouquet should complete the look perfectly.

Soft Gray

Soft Gray

If you are searching for a more sophisticated, simplistic style for your wedding, look no further than these soft gray tones.

This palette will suit a winter wedding amazingly, although it works for any time of the year.

The icy yet tranquil tones will look amazing on each of your bridesmaids, whether you decide to go with short bell sleeves for a fairytale twist on the design, or long sleeves for a more elegant appearance.

This style has become more popular over the past few years, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider it for your own wedding. 

No matter how you style this color, the modern classic will surely stand out for miles. The soft, simplistic shade will complement your own white or ivory dress, and whether you’re standing together or moving apart, you and your bridesmaids will look absolutely amazing at the wedding.



Next up in our list, we will be discussing a popular trendy shade that has proved to work extremely well with all shapes and sizes, and will surely compliment each and every one of your bridesmaids. A true elegant classic.

If you are planning for a fall wedding, this may be a perfect choice for you and your girls! Nothing screams ‘autumn’ like this sultry shade of merlot red.

Just picture the photographs taken on the day, with you and your group surrounded by scattered, golden leaves, fallen to the ground: these snaps will come out truly magical, creating an air of magic and sophistication. 

While this color will suit most dress styles, we recommend floor-length for the perfect fit. Another important thing to consider is that if anyone happens to spill a glass of red wine throughout the night, there will be no issues! One less thing for you to worry about.



Here’s another color that I have had the pleasure of wearing as a bridesmaid, and I, along with the other girls, absolutely loved it. 

This pastel blush of yellow radiates fairytale energy, as well as overall positivity throughout the entirety of your wedding. It’s almost impossible to be unhappy while wearing, or viewing, this delightful shade.

Your bridesmaids will look truly beautiful in lemon: we can guarantee it. We can only hope the sun will be shining on your special day, but if not, you won’t need it while you have your gorgeous girls in yellow at your side.

Think Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’: your bridesmaids will look just as pretty as Disney princesses.

If you are planning for a summer wedding, this color is absolutely ideal for short and long dresses alike. The refreshing shade will add to the possible summer-themed tones of your big day, and your bridesmaids will, undoubtedly, look like rays of sunshine in this pretty color.

Peach And Coral

Peach And Coral

Next up, we have two timeless shades that are both equally beautiful colors, and would be perfect on each of your bridesmaids.

While these colors, specifically coral, were extremely popular back in the 1990s to 2000s, they are making a grand comeback in this generation.

While both being lovely shades of pink, the biggest difference between these two specific shades is simply whether you want to run with a brighter, bolder palette, or something a little more subtle and simple.

Either way, the pretty pink hues will work perfectly on each individual girl, and compliment most body types and skin tones.

If you are looking for a cheerful, positive vibe for your wedding, these colors will look amazing on your bridesmaid dresses. Once again, these shades will, without doubt, radiate fairytale princess energy!

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Now we will be looking at a stunning, timeless shade of blue that looks perfect for most weddings, no matter what time of the year you’ve booked for your special day. 

While bold colors seem to be in fashion more than ever as we take a turn back to 2000s trends, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe with a more calming, relaxing shade.

This classy style may be dark, but in the light, the blue will shine through and make your bridesmaids appear extremely stylish and elegant on your big day. This shade compliments most skin tones and body types, and looks amazing on a sleeveless, floor-length dress. 

Wow your guests and watch as they can’t keep their eyes off your bridesmaids, and this stunning color scheme, representing a beautiful midnight sky. Navy blue has never looked so good!

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green

This shade is absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, and would look even better if you are planning to get hitched by the seaside. Why aim for ‘Cinderella’ when you could go for ‘The Little Mermaid’?

This stunning, bright, shade of greeny-blue will keep your guests spirits lifted throughout the whole ceremony, as they will be unable to take their eyes away from your beautiful bridesmaids.

White flowers with their green stems will complement this shade completely, and you could even consider adding some matching accessories to your own outfit. After all, it is tradition to wear something blue: why not wear something seafoam instead?

It’s basically the same color, right? Just a different shade… at least, that’s probably what your future husband will tell you.

Whether you are planning to get married at a beach, or somewhere a little more closed off, we can guarantee this color will look amazing on your bride squad.

The bright shades will radiate happiness and joy, representing how you and your girls will be feeling at the wedding. Go out there, and live your best mermaid lives together!



Now, for a slightly more controversial option. It has been debated for many, many years whether it is acceptable to wear black at a wedding, but it all comes down to your decision: how do you feel about your bridesmaids wearing black? 

The most important part of incorporating this dark hue into your color scheme is the styling: the design of the dress could be the difference between your bridesmaids looking like they’re going to a wedding or a funeral.

If done correctly, they will look amazingly stylish, and you will never question whether black should be worn at a wedding ever again! The difference between the colors of their dresses and yours will perfectly contrast, and will make for amazing photographs. 

If styled correctly, your girls will look absolutely amazing in their dark dresses. Black is well known for being one of the most flattering colors, and will surely look fantastic on each of the girls. It’s definitely something to consider!



Speaking of controversial choices, the last pick on this list may just be the color that has caused the most debate over the years when it comes to wedding outfits: is it really acceptable for anyone, other than the bride, to wear white?

Our answer is ‘absolutely’.

Despite being seen as taboo up until very recently, white bridesmaid dresses are in! Whether you choose a slightly off-white, or perhaps an ivory, just to stick to tradition, or if you really want to break the rules, just go for the pure color!

Of course, we don’t recommend that your bridesmaids’ dresses are too similar to yours, so it is very important that you pick out dresses with enough differences to yours that you don’t get confused for one of them, and none of them get confused as the bride.

Perhaps it’s finally time to turn away from tradition, and accept that this is an amazing idea. You and your bride squad can completely match, and look elegant as ever together.

Finally… It’s Over To You!

So, now that we have given you our options, the decision is in your hands! 

Your best option may be to discuss these ideas with your bridesmaids: see how they feel, and what colors they may prefer.

Consider which colors work with their looks, and what will bring them all together in unity… after all, we all have that one color that doesn’t look great on us, right? Respect what they have to say, and take it into consideration, but as previously mentioned, ultimately, this choice is up to you! 

Do some research, check out different styles, and think about which colors may go best.

Also, as we mentioned a couple times throughout this article, it may be handy to consider the time of year that you have chosen to have the wedding: reds, oranges and golds are perfect for fall weddings, while brighter, more vibrant colors will be more suitable for sunny, summer ceremonies.

You may want to break the rules, and pick a vivid mustard yellow for your winter wedding: if so, why not? Go for it!

This is your big day, and through videos and photographs, the memories of this event will be preserved for the foreseeable future. What would you like to see in those pictures? 

Whether it’s pretty pastels or dazzling glitter pieces, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision. Good luck choosing your final color, and don’t forget to have fun while doing so!

While this may seem stressful, this is also a time for you to enjoy yourself, and personally design your own perfect wedding from the ground up. It’s hard work, but once you see it coming together, it will be the best feeling in the world.

Best of luck!