20 Beautiful Wedding Signs Ideas For Your Big Day

There are major aspects of a wedding that would be crazy not to consider; the food, the dress, the venue, some things are an absolute must! However, planning a wedding is also about the small details that can easily be overlooked.

20 Beautiful Wedding Signs Ideas For Your Big Day

Using signs at your wedding is a great way to tie the theme of your wedding together and also keep your guests informed about the day ahead. If you’re planning on using signs at your wedding, read on and find out our favorite wedding sign ideas that will complete your big day. 

Welcome Signs

It makes sense to start with a sign that will welcome your guests to your ceremony. Take a look at these welcome signs that will start off your big day the right way.

1. Clear Minimalist

For a modern and minimal wedding, a clear acrylic sign with small detail is the perfect way to welcome your guests. You can use crisp, clean colors so that the text is clear and easily readable. You can even add some floral details for some extra flair.

2. Tropical

A beautiful neutral wedding sign on natural wood is an amazing way to welcome your guests to your tropical beach wedding. You can incorporate palm leaves and tropical plant life to tie everything together.

3. Neon

A neon welcome sign is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be Instagram-able! It works with so many wedding themes and what’s better is that after your wedding you can take it with you and hang it in your new marital home. 

4. Follow The Arrow

Your guests will appreciate a wedding welcome sign that shows them exactly where they need to go! It’s a great way to organize your day and ensure that your guests know where to get a drink before the ceremony begins.

5. Chalkboard

A chalkboard sign is completely customizable and adds a rustic feel to a boho wedding. Add a personal touch by using your and your partner’s own handwriting, or even provide your guests with their own chalk to add their own messages! 

Guestbook Signs

Introduce your guests to your wedding guestbook with a unique sign! A guestbook sign will add to the overall decor of your wedding and also let your guests know where (or how!) to sign. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Sign The Sign

An incredibly unique idea that serves as a sign and a guestbook is to have your guests write on the sign itself! This initial sign is particularly beautiful and will create a beautiful memory for you and your partner.

2. Drop Box

You could opt for a drop box sign, where guests write their messages to you and drop them into the sign!

It’s a gorgeous and unique way of having your guests sign your guest book, and it’ll be so touching when you and your partner finally get to read all the heartfelt messages when the celebrations are done.

3. Photo Frame

Using a photo frame wedding sign is perfect for a visual guest book! You can use it to prompt your guests to sign with a photo from a camera provided and leave their message in your guest book photo album. 

Bar Signs

Signage at the bar is a must! It’ll let your guests know everything available on the drinks menu so they can enjoy their favorite drink and let the good times roll! Have a look at these signs to get some bar sign inspiration.

1. Transparent

This clear wedding bar sign is sleek and modern, and the illustrations of the signature cocktails really stand out against the transparent acrylic. It’s simple, chic, and tells your guests exactly what they can expect to find at the bar.

2. Gold Framed

This simple bar sign is so graceful and combines a modern design with an opulent flair. The cocktail illustrations are especially stunning and detailed. A sign like this will definitely do your signature cocktails justice.

3. Floral

If you’re a bride that loves flowers and all things floral, then a bar sign like this is ideal! It’s beautifully rustic and can easily be customized with your favorite flowers that match your wedding theme.

4. Chalkboard

Give your bar a classic feel with an incredible chalkboard sign! What’s great about this kind of sign is that it can be changed and customized throughout the day as the bar is drunk dry! 

5. Rustic Wood

This visually beautiful bar menu sign is perfect for a tropical or rustic wedding. This eye-catcher will let your guests know everything available and look amazing set up next to your wedding bar.

6. Black Minimalist

For something chic and minimal, a bar sign like this one will make a great addition to your wedding signage. It’s uncomplicated and clear to make it easier for your guests to grab themselves a delicious beverage.

Signs For Everything Else

For anything else you want to tell your guests at your wedding, or simply just to use as extra decoration, you can use these amazing signage ideas. 

1. Personalized Timeline

There’s no better way to inform your guests about the celebrations ahead than with a timeline wedding sign. A sign like this will outline every part of your wedding day, from the moment you say “I do” to the time to start the party! 

2. Open Bar

Who doesn’t love an open bar? If you’re planning on having one at your wedding, then a sign to let your guests know that the drinks are free is an absolute must! It’s a chance for you to have fun with the wording and give your guests a giggle.

3. Seat Not Side

Weddings are all about two families coming together, so a sign that prompts your guests to pick a seat and not a side for either half of the couple is a lovely sentiment that is bound to be appreciated.

It also gives your family a chance to mingle and get to know each other. 

4. Unplugged

It’s your wedding day and the focus should be on you and your partner; social media and unwanted pictures can get in the way of that. Let your guests know that you’re having an unplugged ceremony with a sign like this!

5. Our Love Story

Every couple has their own story. Let it be known with a sign that illustrates your own special relationship. When the day’s over, you can take it home and look back on the fond memories.

6. In Memoriam

Unfortunately, your lost loved ones cannot attend your special day. Pay tribute to them with a beautiful memorial sign so you can remember the people who would’ve loved to celebrate with you too.

Top Tips For Choosing A Wedding Sign

Now that we’ve given you some ideas for your perfect wedding sign, creating your own should be easy! These are our top tips for creating a wedding sign that will look amazing at your wedding. 

Plan Everything You Need

Despite being some of the last tasks on your wedding to-do list, day-of stationery and signage shouldn’t be disregarded and still requires some time to finish.

Your wedding should be a month away when ordering your wedding sign; this gives you enough time to finalize your plans while giving the stationer the time to fulfill your order.

Consider The Different Elements Of Your Signs

When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding sign, you should consider the different customizable aspects that will make your sign completely unique! 

You can start by choosing the base of your sign. There are loads of materials you can choose to match the theme of your wedding.

For a rustic wedding, you can choose a wood or fabric base, whereas if you’re a more modern bride, you can go for clear acrylic or a mirror as a base.

Next, think about sizing. This depends on what the sign is for; a food or bar sign can be smaller than your welcome sign, for instance.

The size of the sign should be smaller or larger depending on the amount of information that will be on the sign and how much you need it to catch your guests’ eye.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the lettering. Hiring a professional calligrapher is definitely something to consider when choosing a sign that is completely unique to your wedding.

However, there’s no problem with choosing a nice font online if you’re on a tighter budget.

Keep Your Guests In Mind

It is wise to plan what signs you’ll need with your guests in mind. Your signage should be directional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This will help maintain the flow of the day and guarantee that everyone is where they need to be. The key is to think about your big day from your guests’ point of view.

Final Thoughts

Wedding signage is a small but important detail that can really help your day move forward and give your guests all the information they need. With this guide, you’ll be able to choose the perfect signs for your wedding day.

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