14 Beautiful Wedding Card Box Ideas For Your Big Day

When planning a wedding, many displays and accessories may go overlooked, and one of these is the wedding card box, where family and friends write and send their best wishes to the happy couple. 

14 Beautiful Wedding Card Box Ideas For Your Big Day

This is where you can coordinate the style and tone of your wedding to this feature, which can be as outlandish or as subtle as you choose. It can also express your personality, so you can even add some humor to the proceedings.

All that matters, though, is that the box both fits into your beautiful wedding and is practical for when multiple cards go through the slot. Find your next card box inspiration below. 

1. White Wedding Card Box 

If you want a card box that captures everyone’s imagination and tells its own story, this box, with a curated message and personalization options, makes it perfect for most wedding styles and isn’t too imposing near the reception hall. 

You can use images that capture the love that is prevalent in your relationship and can be a great keepsake after your wedding. You can coordinate the color palette of your wedding and use the corresponding flower options to have it fit in even better. 

2. Handmade Large Wedding Card Box 

If you’re going for an outdoor or rustic wedding, this hand makes crate is the perfect touch your wedding day needs, as you can get it in oak, walnut, or wenge to suit the sturdiness of it with nice rope handles on the sides.

You can customize the font and message to look like it comes from a distillery and has an ideal design when used in natural and airy settings. Size up or down to have a box that fits the number of guests you have on your special day. 

3. Minimal Clear Acrylic Card Box 

You may want something more straightforward and are not too picky about how your card box looks, but it is more practical. If so, this acrylic box fits in seamlessly with any table design and has customizable fonts to add elegance and sophistication to your setup. 

Each box is made to be of a high standard, with a lovely gloss finish that comes with locking lid options, so the contents are excellent and secure throughout your day and extend to when you open it up to all the lovely messages you receive. 

4. Candle Holder Card Box

This former candle holder turned well-wish letter box is an intimate way for your guests to share their messages, where you could double up for better coverage, and it has great practicality as it has a simple latch you can pull to reveal the contents.

If this seems too simple, you’ll find that any floral, fairytale, or mystical wedding will get a fantastic uplift with these card boxes as they are easily decorative, so you can make them truly special to your guests.

5. Wedding Card Mail Box 

Seen as a slightly eccentric card box, it has a lovely homely feel that gives precedence if you decide to use postcards as the message format, which can make a more optimal system that is a bit fun. 

You can choose from different materials to make them look more like the typical design. Here, you can layer it with bows and flower arrangements to make it more appealing and beautiful to investigate further.

6. Just Married Card Box 

This can be a brilliant way to highlight the closeness of your wedding day, as this just married-themed house card box has a color that pops when compared to the other natural elements of your display, with an easy-to-reach slot.

You could even have the design modeled on your own home and add some decoration to make it look more lively. Even after your day, you’ll cherish this box as it creates a fine marker of your day and how fun it will likely be. 

7. Bird Cage Wedding Card Box 

If you want something that goes out of the norm for wedding card boxes, this bird cage design can be a nice twist but also fits wedding themes that embrace the vintage and glamor of classical traditions.

Though it may not be to everyone’s taste, there is no denying that you or your guests will remember this box for a while. You could go as far as decorating it with your favorite flower arrangements or spray it with a different color to meet your tastes. 

8. Well Card Box 

For a bit of fancy, you can try a good design with a handle and perch that will no doubt be the centerpiece of any ceremony and ensures that you keep themes consistent across all your accessories and arrangements. 

Not just this design, but many others exist that are made with different materials and shades of wood, so you can make it look more elegant and have all the little details like a small bucket or foliage surrounding the box to your liking. 

9. Barrel Wedding Card Box 

If you or your partner are a fan of whiskey or ale, consider having this barrel wedding box that signifies your interests in a unique way that is finished. Hence, it has a gloss look and etching that commemorates the day perfectly.

You can have the slit put onto the sides or the face of the barrel, depending on the size and what you need it for, as you want easy access to the box without being too forceful. If for your partner, they’ll appreciate the little touches you make, and it all starts with this box. 

10. Suitcase Wedding Card Box 

Going beyond the classic box design can seem overwhelming, and hard to know what direction to go. This suitcase box is the ideal way to set a relaxed and fun tone to your wedding that can be decorated to fit with the scale of elegance.

You can insert pictures, brooches, pins, inserts, and lettering to outline how much you value the cards that will go into it, and the subtle colors give it a cute presence that will catch attention as people pass it. 

11. Globe Wedding Card Box 

You might have an adventurous outlook on life and are a fan of exploration. If so, this globe wedding card box is one design you could consider if your wedding day is centered around being free-spirited and eccentric.

You can have calligraphy that is expertly made to be beautiful and eye-catching. These boxes can hold up to one hundred cards, so there are no worries that your box will run out of room, so it’s convenient. 

12. Wedding Cake Card Box 

There’s no doubt that this box won’t look as glamorous as your real wedding cake, but you can rest assured that the ivory and rhinestone accents make this box look luxurious as you look into each separate layer. 

While this won’t be to everyone’s taste, there are ways to make it resemble your wedding cake, or you could use Damask and gem placements to make it more memorable. Even if this design is a bit out there, it sets an elegant statement about your wonderful day.

13. Crafted Wooden Card Box  

Even though this design may look typical of a wedding card box, you’ll find that if you look closer, all the cutout pieces with floral shapes are the signs of a sophistication that is hard to replicate anywhere else. 

This beautiful box can settle in with any theme as it shows that no detail of your wedding arrangements has gone overlooked. These can also be affordable when you style up this box any way you decide. 

14. Boho Wedding Card Box 

This design uses a few elements of the previous boxes on this list to give you something that not only has wooden and boho features. It has been worked to the highest of standards, and all visible surfaces are incredibly warming to the sight.

This design doesn’t go too much toward the rustic look, as it looks modern enough to be used almost anywhere. You can use engraving for a cutesy font that is both romantic and captures the hearts and minds of well-wishers. 

Closing Thoughts 

With some inspiration, you have an idea of the possible design types that can uplift any wedding decor outlook, as you can go simple or more complex if you have a bit more in your budget.

Alongside this, you can also have a practical box that will look lovely in your home afterward, so you can get creative with it to express your and your partner’s unique characteristics. 

It’s always worth looking to see what customization options you have available to see how flexible the design is, or you could even try your hand at making a card box to which you can add your own touches to it. 

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