20 Beautiful Wedding Arbor Ideas For Your Big Day

A wedding arbor can serve many functions at your wedding ceremony. It is the spot where the happy couple will exchange their vows and wedding rings.

20 Beautiful Wedding Arbor Ideas For Your Big Day

The arbor is also a focal point for guests, particularly if you are having your wedding at a large outdoor venue. 

Finally, our 20 beautiful wedding arbor ideas for your big day will give you inspiration for the backdrop to your wedding day photos. 

1. Rustic Wedding Arbor

A rustic wedding arbor incorporates a natural wood structure, supports and crossbeams preferably with the bark still on the timber. Birch is a wonderful wood for this purpose as the bark is very pretty, but most types of timber will work. 

The arbor can be decorated with flowers, matching the wedding palette, natural fabrics and greenery or a mixture of all three. 

2. Wedding Entrance Arbor

A wedding arbor is a wonderful focal point for the couple to exchange their wedding vows, but it can also be used as an entrance to the outdoor wedding space. 

Depending on the venue the arbor can match the surroundings or be a statement piece in line with the wedding theme. For example, a tropical theme wedding can have a wedding entrance arbor covered in palm fronds and exotic flowers. 

3. Bohemian Wedding Arbor

If you are having a Bohemian style wedding you can have a lot of fun with your wedding arbor and make it reflect your personality. 

You could use simple branches to construct the arbor and decorate it with your wedding colors or stay natural with some greenery. Hang some dream catchers for added boho-chic and color. 

4. Fabric Draped Arbor

One of the most romantic types of arbor is a fabric draped structure. The material softens the outline of the arbor and can tie in to the colors of your wedding palette. 

Sheer fabric like tulle will flow in the breeze while a heavier material such as linen will give a more solid appearance. Go as colorful or as pastel as you like. 

5. Simple Wedding Arbor

A wedding arbor as part of your ceremony should reflect the theme of your wedding day. If you are having a scaled down minimalist wedding then a simple wedding arbor will be perfect. 

This could be a basic arbor structure covered in a single color fabric. Alternatively you can add some delicate floral arrangements of your favorite flowers to match your wedding colors. 

6. Willow Branch Arbor

For a simple but very effective and elegant wedding arbor use willow branches to decorate your structure. This arbor would love beautiful in any kind of setting, outdoors or indoors, urban or rustic. 

A delicate sheer fabric for the roof of the arbor will create a soft contrast to the willow branches which can be decorated with flowers of your choice or left bare for a minimalist effect. 

7. Garland Covered Arbor

Hanging garlands are a wonderful way to decorate your wedding arbor. Using cascading or  draping flowers such as silk wisteria vines or trailing roses in your wedding colors. 

These will create a beautiful, romantic arbor for you to exchange your vows and be a focal point for guests. A garland covered arbor also makes an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. 

8. Romantic Wedding Arbor

Create the most romantic wedding arbor by covering it with delicate blooms in your wedding colors and add some soft, flowing fabric. Some finishing touches such as lanterns at the foot of the arbor or strings of fairy lights above add to the romantic feel. 

Scatter rose petals around the base of the arbor and up the aisle to give it a fairy tale mood. 

9. Mixed Texture Arbor

Make a statement and create a unique focal point for your wedding ceremony by mixing textures in your arbor. Use a variety of greenery and blooms to create an eye-catching display. 

Mix it up with some soft and feathery pampas grass mixed with vines and roses. Stick to a simple color palette to draw attention to the textures rather than the colors of the flowers. 

10. Blend-In Wedding Arbor

For a subtle, minimalist wedding setting blend in your arbor decorations with your surroundings. An outdoor setting will give you lots of inspiration for how to cover the arbor. 

In a woodland setting, matching the surrounding trees and foliage is a good way to blend in. For a garden venue, use similar flowers for the arbor to what is growing naturally around. 

11. Seasonal Arbor

Matching your wedding arbor to the season is the perfect way to celebrate the time of year that you are tying the knot. Look at the colors of the season and work them into your arbor decoration. 

Fall weddings are a fantastic time to create a vibrant, crimson, orange and yellow arbor. These don’t have to just be for outdoor venues but can be equally effective indoors. 

12. Frame A View Arbor

If you have chosen your outdoor venue for the spectacular views then an arbor is the ideal way to frame the view. It could be a stunning sea view, mountain range or vineyard panorama. 

Positioning the arbor to maximize the best possible view of your surroundings will give your guests a great view and make stunning photos. 

Matching the hues of your arbor decor to the backdrop will tie the whole look together. You will also have the ideal setting for your wedding photos with the view in the background. 

13. Foliage Covered Arbor

A foliage covered arbor is ideal for a minimalist or rustic wedding. If you want to keep things low key and simple, this arbor is perfect. 

You can use the venue as your inspiration. For those getting married in a vineyard, covering the arbor in vines will reflect your surroundings. Or a woodland setting arbor can be decorated with greenery matching the trees at the venue. 

14. Natural Wedding Arbor

Of course, you don’t always have to use a separate wedding arbor. Some venues give you the option to create a natural arbor. A garden or woodland setting gives you the option to use the surroundings as a focal point. 

Weeping willow trees, cascading wisteria or vines can be used instead of an artificial structure. Or find a ready made arbor in the form of a vine covered archway. 

15. Mixed Shapes Arbor

Mix things up a bit by creating a mixed shape arbor. This works really well for modern weddings especially when incorporating geometric shapes such as triangles, diamonds and hexagons. 

These can be made from wood or metal and added to the arbor as a backdrop for photos. Asymmetrical statement pillars also work well as floral arrangements in a wedding arbor. 

16. Lakeside Wedding Arbor

For a lakeside wedding ceremony you could create a delightful arbor at the shoreline or at the start of a boardwalk. It can serve as a backdrop for the ceremony and photos while framing a beautiful vista. 

Decorate with colors from your wedding palette or take cues and inspiration from the surroundings for your decor. 

17. Beach Arbor

An arbor for a beach wedding creates the setting for the ceremony and a focal point for guests in what is otherwise an expansive venue. You can take inspiration from the beach, water and surrounding flora for the decoration of your wedding arbor. 

You could hang nautical themed items along with the floral arrangements. For a tropical setting, using exotic local flowers and palm fronds will create a fantastic centerpiece for your wedding. 

18. Fairy Light Arbor

Nothing says romance quite like fairy lights. They create a soft inviting atmosphere and are great when paired with delicate flowers and greenery. As the sun goes down their gentle, diffuse lighting creates a dreamy atmosphere for your celebration. 

A fairy light arbor is perfect for a rustic wedding or a twilight beach ceremony. 

19. DIY Wedding Arbor

You can always create your own wedding arbor and design it exactly as you want. Whether you start from scratch by making your own frame or buy one ready made, let your personality shine through. 

Decorate your arbor in your favorite flowers, colored fabrics or whatever you want to incorporate into your wedding theme. It’s your wedding so make the arbor a unique part of your celebration. 

20. Go Gazebo

Rather than making a wedding arbor you could use an existing structure at your wedding venue. Some outdoor settings such as large country homes may have an existing gazebo which you can then decorate in your wedding colors and favorite flowers. 

String up some fairy lights and add some lanterns at the base of the gazebo to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many choices for your perfect wedding arbor and there is no shortage of inspiration for what you can achieve. Use the arbor to reflect your personalities, and decorate with your favorite colors and blooms. 

We hope that this guide to beautiful wedding arbors has given you some ideas and inspiration for your big day. 

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