18 Beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary couldn’t be a better reason to celebrate! Imagine having spent a whopping 50 years side by side with your soulmate, building a life together, sharing all the highs and making it through the lows together as a team.

18 Beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

And what better way to celebrate than to gather friends and family around to share the good times and have a good old-fashioned knees-up.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite 50th wedding anniversary ideas that are to be a big hit with both the couple and the guests. It includes decorating ideas, centerpieces, catering ideas, and gift ideas.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

(The following ideas aren’t listed in any particular order.)

1. 50 Ornament Photo Collage

The great thing about a photo collage like this one is how it directly celebrates the occasion that took 50 years to arrive, with a huge 50.

What’s more, it’s personalized with an array of beautiful photos depicting the couple’s time together.

You can decorate it with some foliage and a candle, or perhaps with some pretty fairy lights.

The idea is simple enough to put together yourself without any outside assistance.

2. Champagne Bottle Balloon Arch

This has to be the most fun balloon arch I’ve seen anywhere…

There’s a large balloon that looks like a champagne bottle, and spilling out of the top is overflowing champagne, in the form of balloons in different sizes in gold, pearl, and silver.

It’s certainly a memorable party feature, it looks amazing. And it’s very affordable.

3. 50th Anniversary Personalized Artwork

This is the most wonderful 50th wedding anniversary gift for the happy couple.

It summarizes the couple’s 50 years together. It has “50 Years” at the top, the couple’s names and date and location of their wedding at the bottom, and in between you can personalize the plaque with details such as their number of kids, grandkids, vacations, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds together.

And all this is interspersed with lovely phrases such as “countless memories”, “good times”, “endless happiness” and “family forever”.

You can choose your preferred background color. And in addition to presenting it to the couple as a gift, it would also make an excellent talking point at the 50th wedding anniversary party.

4. 50th Anniversary Centerpiece

Here’s another great centerpiece for a 50th wedding anniversary party. 

It features a large, elegant 50 in gold glitter, and within the 0, you can insert a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day 50 years ago.

You can also add the couple’s names to this photo, along with the date they were married, and the date of their wedding anniversary.

5. 50th Anniversary Cake With Name And Photo

Every party deserves a cake. And this is just such an excellent example of a 50th golden wedding anniversary cake, complete with a photo of the happy couple in a heart shape in the center, and golden lettering read “Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Her Name & His Name”.

This could be on an elegant white background, an elegant border with pretty swirls, and edible flowers made of frosting.

6. Gold Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are a popular fruit to have at a party, and with some simple techniques, you can make them fit for a 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary party…

You can spray them in edible gold with a nice sheen or glitter look, or you can spray them white, or have them dipped in melted white chocolate and cooled. And you can make beautiful stripes, and add finishing touches such as gold bows.

7. Starburst Hanging Light Decoration

What better way to make a room look special than to light the room with beautiful starbursts in different sizes and heights hanging from the ceiling.

It creates such a wonderful ambience, and is a breeze to set up. Perfect for taking photos of the occasion.

8. Gold 50th Wedding Anniversary Clock

A clock is something that is built to not only last, but also to be useful. And it can also be presented at the party as decoration as well as being a 50th wedding anniversary gift.

This particular clock is in a beautiful gold design, with two diamond borders in a nice, circular shape, and a gold pattern between the two diamond circle borders.

In the center of the clock are the hands of the clock, the words “50th Anniversary”, along with the couple’s names and the year of their wedding to the present year.

9. 50th Golden Anniversary Cupcakes

No party is complete without a selection of pretty cupcakes! Cupcakes like these can be specially made and designed to celebrate the 50th golden wedding anniversary. 

They can be color-coordinated with the main cake, and you can use piping bags for pretty frosting effects, edible spray paints in gold and white, ideally with a nice shimmer, and you can add toppers such as edible hearts, balloons, flowers, and of course the figures 50.

10. 50th Anniversary Photo Cupcake Toppers

However, if you are preparing the cupcake selection yourself, you may not necessarily feel confident about the outer appearance of your cupcakes.

But, you can still make the cupcakes look extra special, by adding toppers such as these, with a wedding day photo of the couple on a stick, perhaps with a gold, glittering border, and the photo in either elegant black and white, or in happy color.

11. 50th Gold Wedding Anniversary Cushion

This is also a gift that is both commemorative and useful. It’s a personalized cushion, with a white background, and in a standard size.

You could have the figures 50 in gold, and also feature a nice photo of the couple together, together with their names, and perhaps dates.

12. Personalized LED Heart-Shaped 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Lamp

This is such a lovely idea! This pretty, commemorative lamp depicts a bride and groom on their wedding day, in a sweetheart shape, that you can customize however you wish, with words of your own choosing, such as “50 amazing years, over 2609 weeks, 600 months, 18262 days, 438288 hours, a never ending love story – Happy Anniversary”.

13. Gold Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is also a great option. Everyone can enjoy it at the anniversary party, and afterward it can continue to bring joy to the couple, as they reminisce about the time they spend together.

This particular digital photo frame is in gold, in keeping with the Golden anniversary theme, and it can display photos in full High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels), can display photos over Wi-Fi, and has 32 GB of on-board storage.

14. LED Photo Clip String Lights

This is an excellent decor idea for a 50th wedding anniversary! These LED string lights have a lovely, warming, and inviting ambience to them.

What’s more, each of the LED pegs can hold printed photos of the couple’s 50 years together, that the party guests can walk by, look at and discuss, while the happy couple get to reminisce about all their wonderful memories together.

15. 50th Anniversary Cake

If you fancy your hand at baking a 50th wedding anniversary cake yourself, then this is a very simple recipe that you can use to produce a beautiful, flavored two tier cake that can be a stunning centerpiece on the party’s main table. And it’s tasty, too.

You can decorate it as you please, and as with this particular cake, you can also add mini sparklers, for that extra bit of fun before the cake gets cut.

16. Wedding Anniversary Heart Photo Collage Canvas Print

This is such a joyful idea! How about celebrating the couple’s 50 years together with a beautiful canvas print featuring a colorful photo collage in the shape of a heart.

At the top of the canvas, you can personalize the print further still with the words “Our 50th Wedding Anniversary” And on the bottom, you could have the couple’s names, and a saying such as “Living our Happy Ever After since May 25, 1973”.

17. Engraved Swarovski® Elements Diamanté Wine Glass Set

This pair of beautiful wine glasses is a great way for the happy couple to not only toast the special occasion with their friends and family at the party, but it’s also something they can use time and again.

The glasses feature Swarovski gems, and personalized engraving featuring the couple’s names, along with any message you would like to add, such as “Living happily ever after since May 25, 1973”.

Wine glasses are a good choice, because they will see more use than champagne flutes.

18. Black And Gold 50th Anniversary Favor Boxes

If the party is going to be a big, fancy affair, like a second wedding, then you may wish to present each of the guests with pretty party favors such as these, complete with a small item to remember the occasion with.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our favorite 50th wedding anniversary ideas and that you’re now sufficiently inspired to do something really nice for the couple to celebrate their special day, and their 50 years of wedded bliss.

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