19 Amazing Lesbian Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

How do you feel when you bag the woman of your dreams, and she vows to stay with you for life?

Amazing, joyful, proud. And that’s what your wedding day should reflect. It marks a commitment between the two of you, and is a day of celebration and pride.

19 Amazing Lesbian Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

In this article, we’re going to share with you some amazing lesbian wedding day ideas, to make the day just as memorable for your guests as it is for you.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

(The following ideas aren’t listed in any particular order.)

1. Pride Rainbow And Rings Wedding Invitations

You can’t have a big, fancy wedding without guests, and you can’t have guests without invitations.

These particular wedding invitations are especially joyful and bright, with their stand-out rainbow of colors on the left-hand side, on which sit two identical wedding rings, while on the left-hand side are the wedding details, including the names of the brides, the date and time of the wedding, and the location.

2. White Wedding Cake Dressed With A Rainbow Of Roses

This has to be the prettiest rainbow themed wedding cake out there!

This beautiful 3-tiered wedding cake in white features an unmistakable rainbow of gorgeous roses trailing down from the top tier to the base of the cake.

These roses, symbolic of lesbian love, are perfectly edible and not just for decoration. And you can have any flavors you wish inside the cake.

3. Rainbow Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re lucky enough to have 7 bridesmaids at the wedding, you could even have them arrive in different color wedding dresses, one for each stripe of the pride LGBTQ flag.

Elegant, yet bright and cheerful, your bridesmaids are sure to look nothing short of stunning in the wedding photographs!

4. Rainbow Candy Party Favors

You also need to think about party favors, and this is a cute idea, symbolic of lesbian pride.

It’s a candy composed of a white chocolate center, which has then been dipped in brightly colored sprinkles or jimmies in a rainbow of colors.

They can be distributed to guests waiting for them at their dinner table, wrapped in see-through cellophane, which has been tied with a brightly colored, complete with a cute bow.

5. Pick A Seat Not A Side Either Way It’s For A Bride Sign

It’s not good etiquette to separate guests into a “bride” and “groom” side at a wedding, so why not put up a sign out letting guests sit anywhere they choose.

Chances are there will be guests that know both of the brides, and it’s a great way to encourage people to mix at a wedding if they find themselves next to someone they didn’t already know very well.

6. Rainbow Canopy For A Summer Wedding

If the two brides decide not to include rainbow colors in their wedding gowns or outfits, then they could instead opt for rainbow-colored accessories such as a cheerful canopy.

It would look so good in the wedding photographs, and you can really let loose and have fun with it, as well as using it for shade in the hot summer sun.

7. I’m With The Bride(s) Badge Party Favors

With wording reading “I’m with the bride(s), these badges celebrate the joining of two women, and your wedding guests can wear them to demonstrate their support and happiness for the couple.

This is a very simple idea, and is a favor that your wedding guests get to take home with them. They can also wear them during the dinner and toasts, and into the evening festivities as well.

8. Hearts Alternative Wooden Drop Box Wedding Guest Book

OK, strictly speaking this isn’t a wedding idea with a noticeable lesbian theme, but it is a really nice idea that can be applied to any wedding, including a lesbian one.

Rather than signing a guest book, guests at your wedding get to write their names and well wishes onto tiny little wooden hearts, which they can then slot into a beautiful heart-shaped see-through container to make the most beautiful display that the brides are sure to love.

9. Printable Lesbian Photo Booth Props

Come evening time, guests will have had a few drinks, and the time has arrived to simply celebrate and have fun.

And that’s where a fun photo booth can really come into play. With these lesbian photo booth props, guests get to really have fun and take photos that will remind them of just how much fun they had celebrating the two brides.

10. Rainbow/Pride Wedding Party Favor Rock Sweets

Here’s another great candy themed wedding party favors that your guests are sure to enjoy.

These candies have the word “LOVE” emblazoned in the center, with a red heart replacing the O, while the outer part of the candy has a bright rainbow color.

11. Lesbian Pride Rainbow Tiers Cake

If you’re lucky enough to have enough wedding party guests to warrant a 7-tier wedding cake, then this is something that’s certainly worth considering…

Each cake layer is decorated in a different color of the rainbow, starting with purple at the base, leading all the way through to red at the top.

And on the outside of these layers are silhouettes depicting the couple’s time together starting from them being single, then dating, then getting romantic, then falling in love, then the proposal, and finally in wedding gowns as each other’s bride on the top tier.

12. Rainbow Themed Wedding Menu

In keeping with the rainbow theme, how about having the menu presented in a rainbow format as well?

This example is really nice, with a lettering in nice fonts, graduating from red at the top for the heading down through orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally magenta for the desserts. Then at the bottom, there’s a big rainbow heart, to boot! 

13. Wedding Dress With Rainbow Underskirts

If one or both of the brides wishes to wear a beautiful white wedding gown, they can still pay tribute to their LGBTQ colors by having underskirts underneath their gowns, which they will be able to show off later in the day for photographs and dancing!

14. Rainbow Watercolor Elegant LGBT Wedding Program

A wedding day has an itinerary to follow that guests need to be made aware of, so why not bring the rainbow and LGBTQ colors into a program as well?

You can lay out the events of the day against their set times, and use your favorite fonts, with rainbow coloring, motifs and images.

You could also use a photo of the happy couple in the itinerary if you wish, and if you print them on special paper rather than merely on a board, then this is something that your guests can take away with them to remember the day. 

15. Rainbow Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Flowers are a lovely part of any celebration, but for a lesbian wedding they couldn’t be more cheerful.

The wedding bouquet could feature flowers, such as roses, in the design of a rainbow, where a line of roses is dedicated to each color of the rainbow, from purple on one side through to magenta on the other side.

16. Personalized Shot Glass Party Favors

This is one party favor the guests are sure to love – a shot glass for enjoying at least one shot over the course of the day. Perfect for weddings with many guests in their 20s and 30s.

What’s more, they can be personalized with the names of the happy couple, together with the date of the wedding, so the guests will always remember the day they received their shot glasses.

The inscription reads “Take a shot, we tied the knot!” and there’s a cute diagram of the dellecottage of two women, each wearing a pearl necklace and a sweetheart neckline dress.

17. Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Rainbow Decoration

How about this for a simple yet distinctive wedding cake?

This version features two tall tiers of yummy white wedding cake, but with a beautiful rainbow pattern of different colors, seemingly dripping down from the edge of the cliff of each tier of cake.

It comes topped with a silhouette of two women and a heart, and is complete with beautiful, multicolored, edible roses to decorate.

18. Rainbow Painted Show Outer Soles

You can also carry the rainbow theme through to the outer soles of the brides’ shoes. Whether you opt for casual shoes, which is becoming more common, or go for delicate stilettos.

You can also add inscriptions such as “Mrs & Mrs”, or the couple’s names and the wedding date, or cute little sayings like “I’ll keep her safe” and “I’ll keep her word”.

19. Rainbow Party Food

If you decide to have a buffet for the evening festivities, you can bring the rainbow, LGBTQ colors theme going here too, with rainbow-colored cupcakes, stripes of colored fruit, stripes of colored jello, and more. 

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through our favorite lesbian wedding days. Your wedding is destined to be fabulous whatever the decor and finishing touches when you’re marrying the woman of your dreams – enjoy!

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