Marriage offers proven benefits to both men and women

wedding ring morguefileAs fewer Americans are choosing to wed, a common discussion is why committed couples should marry rather than simply live together. Outside of religious reasons, people often focus on the benefits of children with married parents. This is valid, as children and adolescents are shown to have myriad advantages.

However, it’s also important to point out that men and women enjoy a long list of proven benefits when they marry instead of merely cohabitating. Even when a couple does not have children, a marriage protects them and strengthens them as individuals and as a family unit.

Married women generally enjoy the following (as compared with unmarried peers):
*More satisfying relationships with their spouse/partner and children
*Greater emotional happiness with less depression
*More financial resources/less likely to end up in poverty
*Decreased risk of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent crimes
*Decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse
*Better physical health
*Longer life

That’s all well and good for women, but why should men commit to marriage? Many benefits have also been proven for married men as compared with their unmarried peers. These include:
*Improved physical health
*Faster recuperation from illness
*Longer life
*Better emotional wellbeing
*Improved relationships with children
*More satisfying sexual relationship with their wives
*Higher wages and greater employment stability
*Decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse
*Less likely to commit violent crimes
*Less likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease

If you are considering marriage or have children at that stage, don’t be fooled by cultural trends to avoid marriage because it’s “too risky”. If you think marriage is risky, the above lists should demonstrate that cohabitating or engaging in serial relationships also have risks and downsides.

What scares you the most about marriage? What is the best part of marriage? I would really like to hear your input on these two questions.

Lori Lowe has been married to her husband, Ming, for 19 years. She is the author of First Kiss to Lasting Bliss: Hope & Inspiration for Your Marriage. It tells the inspiring, true stories of couples who used adversity to improve their marriages–from overcoming drug addiction to cancer, infidelity, religious differences, and infertility, among many others. It’s available at and in various e-book formats here.
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2 responses to “Marriage offers proven benefits to both men and women

  1. Marriage never scared me even though I’ve been through two divorces. What I mean is, my mother was married and divorced twice. So yes, I (even though a child in the situation) went through the divorce just like my mother and father and ex-step father. (I guess he would be my ex-step father).

    Both divorces were nasty. Both drained US emotionally. Still, I was never afraid of taking that step. I thank God for that because I know folks who swear off marriage because of what they experienced.

    The benefits of marriage to me are probably too many to list here. But just a few:
    – My children have their mother and father in the home. Something I didn’t experience with long-term regularity.

    – As a man of faith, I am following God’s plan for a strong family unit and I truly believe that I have found favor in other areas of my life because of that.

    – It is my chance to buck against a family curse of divorce and unhappy marriages by being in love with one woman, being a good father to our children, and building a strong Godly home. I’m winning now. After years of experiencing loss, I’m winning.

    • Thanks for your feedback, and congrats on feeling like you have overcome significant obstacles and come out on top with your family.

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