6 Divorce Trends that May Surprise You

Click on the graphic below to see in a snapshot some of the most prevalent divorce trends in the U.S. today. On MarriageGems, we have shared details on many of these trends, such as grey divorce rising, and overall marriage and divorce rates falling. #4 shows well-known factors that can decrease the likelihood of divorce, including having a college education, having children after marriage, marrying after age 25, having an income over $50K, and having a religious affiliation (though research I have read indicates the couple needs to be practicing the religion to benefit, not just have the affiliation). #6 is also of interest in explaining some of the income effects on children of divorce vs. children with married parents. You can also see in #1 and #5 the gender (women) who initiate the most divorces, as well as how they break down by race and geography in the U.S.

Do any of these trends surprise or concern you? Do you want to learn more about any of these trends? Divorce rates are much lower in higher income and in college educated circles than most people realize. And even among demographics with multiple risk factors for divorce, you can still be successful in marriage. Don’t lose hope that your marriage can be one of the great success stories.


Image Source: eLocal.com

3 responses to “6 Divorce Trends that May Surprise You

  1. What I found interesting is that they did not refer to a regular and satisfying sex life. This is important because according to Kinsey stats, a whopping 72% of all married women over thirty have their husbands on a starvation diet of sex once a week or less where the average man needs sexual reiief 3-4 times a week. I Cor 7 says that neither the wife or the HUSBAND has the right to deny their partner sex and yet we don’t hear that preached in church..

    I would never support a woman being forced to have sex against her will but it is amazing to me the number of women perfectly willing to FORCE THEIR HUSBANDS TO DO WITHOUT SEX AGAINST HIS WILL. Sex is one of the big 3 that couples argue about and yet they did not refer to this at all. Puritannical society!

  2. uniballer1965

    I the puritans were very sexually active. It just wasn’t on display or outside the bonds of marriage as it often is today.
    We could learn much from the Puritans.

  3. The main reason why divorce is decreasing is because the economy took a severe hit. Anytimee I have left my partner was right when I received an increase in pay. People are settling because they have to financially.

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