Relationship Insights for Adult Children of Divorce

If you are an adult child of divorce struggling with your current relationship due to simmering feelings from your past, I highly recommend an insightful piece from a Washington Times columnist called “Children of divorce: chasing affection in the house of guilt.”  It includes data about the effects of divorce on children and advice for  individuals who may fear marriage or fall into unhealthy relationships due to what they experienced as a child.

Jerome Elam says in part, “My revelation after all the years of soul searching is that happiness is something so rare and beautiful that you hold onto it with all your strength. Learn to recognize it when it comes into your life and embrace it despite the fear in your heart.” I found his story to be moving and heart breaking. Check it out here.

2 responses to “Relationship Insights for Adult Children of Divorce

  1. You know, I never knew why I always had problems in my relationships until I starting speaking to a counsellor about it.
    It is only after I started getting this advice on relationships that I realised that the breakup of my parents was still having an effect on me after all these years.
    It seems to crazy to think that our happiness as an adult depends so much on what we went through as kids but it is the truth. I would definitely encourage anyone else to do the same and work through their feelings in this way.

    • Our parents’ relationships can certainly have a long-term effect on us. Glad you were able to work through these feelings and events and come to a more positive place.

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