Vote for Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2011

A whopping 48 finalist blogs have been nominated for the Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2011 at Stupendous Marriage. If you are a Marriage Gems fan, I’d appreciate your vote, as it really does help bring new readers to our blogging family. Voting runs only until midnight on December 4th. Place your vote here.

Stu Gray created this list in 2009 when he couldn’t find an official list for marriage blogs, and the list has helped thousands of people find helpful content to improve their marriages.

Each person has only one vote. Select your favorite blog from the drop down menu, and hit send. Link to Stupendous Marriage to vote before you forget. 😉

2 responses to “Vote for Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2011

  1. I tried casting my vote but the site is down I guess from that sopa issue. I like the content on here and have read a lot of blogs now that I’ve been layed off. My marriage has been effected but we are working on it and Im sure things will get better. Like they say “this too will pass”

    • Thank you for trying to vote. The voting period has past. Best wishes to you, and glad you have an optimistic attitude!

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