How Birth Control May Put a Wet Blanket on Your Sex Life

A frequent concern of married couples is change in sex drive, especially a common decrease in sex drive for the woman. I’ve shared many possible problems and solutions, including foods that may increase libido and 4 tips to boost libido.

I probably haven’t spent enough time talking about medications being a very common cause of low libido. The medications that reduce sex drive could be taken by either spouse. However, birth control (i.e. the birth control pill or variations) is probably the most frequently used medication that is known to cause a significant decline in libido for users. This decline is potentially long-lasting because of  hormonal changes.

Paul and Lori Byerly recently covered the latest research on the effects of the birth control pill on your sex life. They did a terrific job outlining the research findings at The Marriage Bed. I would encourage you to read this post.

Some couples have medical reasons to choose this option despite the side effects, or otherwise feel it is the right choice for them. Even if that is the case, it is important to have the facts about all medication side effects, especially those that may affect the quality of your marriage and sex life. 

I would add that Dustin Riechmann at Engaged Marriage has written about natural family planning, which some people joke about, but which has shown to be quite effective (99%) when properly used. For Dustin and his wife and for a growing number of people who want to choose a family planning method that is environmentally friendly, without side effects and fits their moral worldview, it’s worth learning about.

Lori’s upcoming book, First Kiss to Lasting Bliss: Hope & Inspiration for Your Marriagewill be available December 8th on Read about 12 inspiring couples who used adversity to strengthen their marriages. To learn more, go to  Visit the book’s Facebook page at

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11 responses to “How Birth Control May Put a Wet Blanket on Your Sex Life

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Lori! I definitely think couples should do their homework on birth control options. Studies are helping to clarify the pros and cons of various methods, so there is more information available than ever. Great post!

  2. Birth control is my very old nemesis that I’ve been put on since I was a teenager for medical reasons. I have tried for years to get off it and still be cycled correctly but every time I’ve gone off it I’ve had to wait 3-5 months to get my period. Plus, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, so it helps to balance that out too.

    It’s just frustrating because I know being on the pill isn’t the greatest thing but every time I’ve tried to give it up I’ve needed to go back on it. And Doctors have had to use even harsher drugs to put me back in my cycle after 5 months or so of waiting.

    • I hear you and have had my own medical issues. Only you can decide what is best after weighing the pros and cons given your medical concerns, but clearly there are times when the benefits are more significant. Best wishes to you.

  3. I could not agree more

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  5. Thanks for this post Lori! I def. believe that BC has had a negative effect on my hormones. I’ve been off them for about a year, but wish I would have reasearched this topic more BEFORE I started. Oh well, better late than never… 🙂

  6. Testing, testing…Is this thing on? I keep talking into the mouse, but I don’t think it’s working 😉

  7. Many women, including my wife, have told me that my personality is a very powerful form of birth control, and for them it has no side effects.

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