Focus on Your First Dream: To be Held and Loved

I was taken in by this piece on CNN from Josh Levs about our first dreams. Josh is a journalist and speaks about committing to your big dreams. For example, he says, “Everyone should chase big dreams. It brings a deep sense of satisfaction. And it makes the world better. We have advanced societies, stronger buildings to withstand storms, medical discoveries, technology, entertainment and so much more because dreamers pursued their visions and worked hard to make them happen.”

But in one moment, Josh’s career dreams and other “big” dreams fell away, and he instantly recalled his earliest and clearest dream.

The moment was three months before his second son was to be born, when his wife fell to the floor and began having an emergency delivery at home. The baby was emerging with the umbilical cord wrapped five times about his neck. The baby was still with his eyes closed. Josh was guiding the delivery and receiving instruction from the 911 operator, and was able to unwrap the cord and allow his son to breathe.

“In the moment my son was being born, all my professional dreams ceased to exist. In that room, it was just the four of us — my wife, our then 3-year-old son, the baby, and me. Family and fatherhood were all I saw. Life was shining a spotlight on my original dream. The first dreams we ever had were to be held. And loved. And to explore this amazing world with love in our lives.”

In his TED talk about the vent, Josh explains that he instantly had laser focus on his priorities: family, love and love connections.

How often do we reflect on our original desire to be loved—to feel that love connection with others? Are we so busy chasing other dreams that we forget it? Dream-chasing can be addictive, says Josh. “Some people become so obsessed with making one idea happen that they stop focusing on what’s most important in their lives. They stop spending time with their families and friends. As with any addiction, they pay a price.”

He suggests you not forget your big dreams or neglect to follow them. “But along the way, keep in mind that the best, most amazing, most rewarding and, ultimately, most fulfilling dream is the first one we all ever felt.”

Do you agree that deep down this dream or desire to be held and to feel love was your first dream? Are you focused on your dreams? If so, your “big” life dreams, or the dreams you were born with?

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5 responses to “Focus on Your First Dream: To be Held and Loved

  1. I can totally relate to Josh in this instance. Funnily enough, today is my son’s 9th birthday and 9 years ago today(almost at this exact time, in fact) I felt the same way he describes. Like nothing else matters. A feeling of peace and satisfaction comes over you, and there is nothing else like it.

    I think us all wanting to be happy and feel loved is a need rather than a dream. It’s built into us and is completely natural. With that said, when you don’t feel you have those things, you can spend lots of time ‘dreaming’ about how it would feel to have them. So calling them ‘dreams’ isn’t incorrect.

    I think it’s vitally important to have long term dreams and goals, both as an individual and in your marriage. And to never lose sight of them.

  2. After many years of focusing on self, I have realized that life is about giving. When you give, in some way or fashion it comes back to you (good or bad).

    In regards to marriage, it is important to focus on the needs of your spouse. Once I grasp this concept, my needs were met. The change for my husband to focus more on my emotional needs did not happen over night; nonetheless, I continued to put forth the effort to meet his need for affection he began to meet my need.

    In regards to family, a lot of my time is focused on being the glue that holds our family together. For example, I look for ways to strenghthen our family by eliminating things that are damaging to our family. When life gets busy, I create ways to slow everyone down so that we can come together as family and enjoy one another. When I saw that brick and mortal school was not the best choice for my children, I retired and became a stay-at-home mom.

    It’s not easy to always consider others over myself even within the family. However, it is very fulfilling and it brings me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I help to make someone else’s life a little bit easier!

  3. Thank you for this great blog. I shared it on mine. I have a similar theme if you would like to endorse mine as well. it is a blog for wives who want to help their marriage go right! 😉

  4. I believe that as we continue to live and breathe, we inherit more dreams. Otherwise, life would be boring.

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