Husbands Must Provide Financial Leadership, says Expert

Men still call the financial shots in marriages, even though women are seen as equal in so many other areas. Furthermore, they often don’t hold themselves accountable. This is according to Peter Dunn, a financial expert who wrote this interesting article expert called An Open Letter to Husbands. It’s an honest, well-written piece on financial leadership that I would urge you to check out. Pete provides advice on three issues that get in the way of a healthy marriage when it comes to financial leadership. Did I mention he’s also a comedian? It probably helps to loosen people up a little when you’re talking about tense issues.

He sums it up for those who are having financial challenges in their marriage:  “If you are living a personal hell right now, then get out of hell. Don’t give up. Work. What’s waiting for you on the other side of financial hell is wonderful, and you can’t get there by digging deeper. You have to step up.”

I agree with his advice, but I think wives also need to be responsible for a family’s financial health and should be well aware of household financial information. If a couple has trouble making important financial decisions without arguing, they should seek help from a third party. A stable financial base provides peace for the household and can contribute to a happier marriage and family.

Visionary Marriage Book Review
I was asked to provide a review for a new book called Visionary Marriage. If you’re looking for insights on what it means to have a Christian, biblical marriage and family, Visionary Marriage by Rob and Amy Rienow fits the bill. As a Gen X pastor and his wife, the authors spent much of their marriage not fulfilling the ideal biblical marriage. Their honesty is helpful to readers as they realize no marriage is even close to perfect. The Rienows have made it their mission to teach about such counter-cultural subjects as submission, God’s job descriptions of husbands and wives, why God hates divorce, and creating a God-sized mission for your marriage. Clearly, if you’re not a Christian, this book may not be your cup of tea.

Particularly suited for engaged or newlywed couples, the book addresses topics, such as the importance of a husband’s leadership and love for his wife, as well as the wife’s need to be respectful and kind to her husband. It explains, without being judgmental, how exactly to accomplish these ideals or to make baby steps toward them. I would recommend the book for those seeking to have a strong Christian marriage based on biblical advice.  I receive no compensation for the review or sales of the book, but if you’re interested, visit

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