It’s Now or Never—Make Your Dreams a Reality

As a follow up to my last post about making great memories, I’ve been thinking about the dreams and goals that many of us have. We always think we can accomplish these items tomorrow or next year, or some day. A great way to support your spouse is to encourage them to pursue steps toward achieving their dreams.

My husband always wanted to fly on the Concord, and his dream died when the Concord was retired. One of his few regrets is not doing it when he had the chance. Another yearning was to watch a space shuttle liftoff at Kennedy Space Center. It was with great excitement when he stood with my son this morning and watched the shuttle Atlantis take off, on the last mission of NASA’s 30-year program. I’m so glad he seized the chance while he had it.

I’ve seen husbands and wives who encourage and assist their spouses in achieving small and large goals—starting new careers, learning new skills, or taking on new roles. The marriages seem to be bolstered by the support of their deepest callings or desires. (And, not surprisingly, they are often more successful in their endeavors with their spouse’s support.) I’ve also seen the opposite, where a spouse puts down the idea of starting a business or demeans the work or role his or her spouse has chosen, splintering trust at the same time.

Even supporting new hobbies or interests can strengthen the relationship by showing you care about your partner, and you “get” what excites them. Sharing dreams you didn’t get to achieve can bring you closer together.

What career would you choose if you could start over? What trip would you take if you could go anywhere? What is one of your biggest regrets? The goal you have always hoped you’d achieve? These would be interesting topics to discuss on your next date night.

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Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

5 responses to “It’s Now or Never—Make Your Dreams a Reality

  1. Great post! Great thoughts. I completely agree. Encouragement and support for a new endeavor, in a marriage (or really any relationship) will go a long way!!

  2. Having someone to encourage us to pursue our dreams is one of the best parts of being married. Being the encourager is even more fun! I can imagine how wonderful you felt this morning. I had the joy of supporting my husband a couple years ago in a dream he had postponed for 40+ years. I was beaming when he got his private pilot’s license.

  3. What an awesome Father and Son experience! A truly, once in a lifetime event! Dreams really do come true in Orlando! Your husband had to really dream big to make this all happen. Congratulations!

  4. Listening and supporting your partners hopes and dreams are vital to a good marriage. I can sum up in a few words how to have “happily ever after”. Always build up your partner and not tear them down. If you need to give them a negative, don’t do it in the form of an attack. Never say no to your partner. If they did not need it or want it, they would not have asked you. Saying no communicates loud and clear that you see your wants and needs as more important than your partners and frankly you don’t care all that much about your partners wants and needs. This only works if both parties are willing to commit to it.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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