4 Tips to Making Great Family Memories

Happy Life; Happy Marriage” Series

Making memories is an art. This idea from Family Life Today caught my attention, and I thought their tips to making great memories were worth sharing, so that’s what I’m doing. (The added comments are my own.)

  1. Memories are best made with loved ones. If you find yourself making your best memories on “guy trips” or “girl trips” or with coworkers, shift your attention to making your best memories with your spouse and immediate family. You want your identity to be firmly established with your family first.
  2. Memories take time. People often talk about quality time versus quantity time, but sometimes longer stretches of time are required to shift our attention properly. In addition, dedicated time without technological interruption is key. Keep the TV, smart phone, etc. off during your dedicated time together.
  3. Memories are both planned and unplanned. Having traditions for certain times of year is great. For example, we go apple picking each fall, followed by our creation of homemade apple sauce and our attempt at our best-ever apple pie. Holidays offer a great opportunity to shape your own traditions. But take advantage of the unplanned opportunities—to visit a park spontaneously after work or school, to have some fun on a snowed-in day, etc. My hubby and I like to recall the rainy day on our honeymoon in Block Island, RI, when we sat in the library doing a puzzle all afternoon. It’s not what we had planned, but it made a unique memory.
  4. Memories should be celebrated. Revisit the memories you make by reading your journals, looking at your photos or scrapbooks, and talking or joking about your favorite memories. This helps to keep them alive and vibrant.

What is your favorite way to make memories or to celebrate them?

Photo courtesy of Stockvault.com by Ali Haider

6 responses to “4 Tips to Making Great Family Memories

  1. Good stuff. Memories play such a huge part in life, especially when it comes to family. In the last couple of years, myself and my wife and son have resolved to create more of them. Recently, we took our son(he’s 8) to his first concert. He had the time of his life, as did we. Not only that, but we got backstage passes and met the band(Journey) and got a picture. The picture is framed and takes pride of place in our living room. Next month we are going on our first big family holiday together too and I’m sure we’ll all remember it forever.

    I like your apple pie tradition 🙂 I think we need to try and take the time to make some unplanned memories in addition to the ones we usually plan months in advance. This was a heartwarming read, thank you.

    • Sounds fun. I’ve never had backstage passes in my life, so I’m sure that was memorable. We also started taking the kids to an occasional concert and they have a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our three children love to hear stories about my husband and I before we had kids. It has provided them with some jaw-dropping revelations! I think it helps us to laugh and remember special memories of our early relationship and to continue making fun memories with or without our children.

    We always ask our children at bedtime about their favorite part of their day. I’ve started asking myself this question as a way to savor the ordinary (but special) moments.

  3. Isn’t that sweet? They can hardly imagine you as two people without kids. Ours also like to hear of our travels. I like your idea for the bedtime question. Each day should have something to savor.

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