Plan a Get-Away with Your Spouse

Central Park, NYC

I just returned from a long weekend to NYC with my hubby. We had a great trip and perfect weather, but it wasn’t without difficulty that we managed to take a short trip together.

For us, getting away is rather complicated without grandparents living nearby. It meant we had to ask for help from friends and relatives and carefully coordinate care for our children for four days, being handed off to different people, driven to school and soccer games and more. I spent days packing everything needed for them and for us. All went smoothly, and the kids were well cared for.

Then there was the trip planning that my husband completed–purchasing airline tickets, reserving hotel rooms, planning train tickets, researching and buying show tickets in the city, etc.  Finally, there is also the expense of taking a trip.

But it’s worth all the hassle, time and expense. Consider it an important investment in your marriage.

I confess we don’t get away nearly as often as we should because of the complications. As our children get older, however, it’s less difficult. They’re more excited to spend time with friends or cousins and less anxious about being away from parents–and I’m less anxious about leaving them. Couples who wait for their kids to grow up have missed key opportunities to add to their memories and experiences and to strengthen their relationship.

So, even if it seems difficult, brainstorm with your spouse this week about how you can get a weekend or a week away without kids or other responsibilities. We find it’s a great opportunity to see each other as spouses and partners, not just as “mom” or “dad”. We also were fortunate to meet and spend time with great people, which added to our enjoyment away.

Before our kids came along, we jetted off to Barcelona or Paris or Hawaii and were co-adventurers in life. We welcomed parenthood, and with it our change in priorities. But sometimes it’s fun to be co-adventurers again, not just negotiators of how to get through the daily obligations and errands.

To keep a marriage thriving, we have to spend time together and have fun together. What do you have planned in the near future?

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