6 Marriage Strengthening Tips

“Keeping the Sparks Alive” Series

Recently, the Today Show shared some good advice for keeping your marriage strong. I wanted to pass along the items they reported that have been shown to strengthen relationships:

  1. Language matching. In strong relationships, couples often pick up one another’s verbal lingo and match phrases or words. While it can be annoying to some of us, apparently it’s a good thing when you’re so much “on the same page” that you use some of the same common words and phrases.
  2. Spoil your spouse. Do something unexpected or generous for him or her.
  3. Be true to yourself, or “let your freak fly.” When you are being your true self, and you feel your spouse loves you despite your flaws, it increases your levels of trust.
  4. Fight fair, and avoid blaming and name calling.

Some actions to AVOID:

  1. Don’t smother your partner with support or constantly offer solutions to their problems. Instead, listen and ask questions.
  2. Don’t storm out or withdraw. Taking a time out is OK, as in, “I need to take a walk and get a break. Can we talk about this in an hour?”

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