The Surprising Natural Antidepressant You Might Receive from Your Husband

File this study under “most likely research to be shared by men around the world.” You can also file it under “post containing the most words that I never thought I’d be writing about.” But it’s terribly interesting and far-reaching, so here goes: It turns out scientists think semen has special powers to reduce depression when absorbed into the vagina via unprotected sex. Really and truly; it’s too early to be an April Fool’s post.

I will place a forewarning here early in this post, just as research psychologist, Jesse Bering,  did when he wrote the article for Scientific American that I stumbled across, “An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen.” Having unprotected sex is clearly a risky proposition in today’s world. That’s why this information is intended for married/committed readers. Please be wise in your application of this data. I also give credit to the author for his well-mannered apology for what will likely to result in an increase in ejaculatory humor, “Ladies, forgive me for what I have done.”

OK, back to the “rich vat of seminal theory,” as Bering so aptly calls it. It all began back in 2006 when Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch were studying menstrual synchrony (that fact that women in the same household tend to synchronize their menstrual cycles). Because lesbian women did not have the same effect on one another, Gallup and Burch began to look at the possible effects of semen, realizing quickly how little is known about how the chemicals in semen influence female biology, behavior and psychology.

A little biological background is helpful. Semen (or seminal plasma) contains only 1 to 5 percent sperm. The rest of the chemical composition includes more than 50 compounds with various functions. A few of the more notable elements include cortisol (increases affection), estrone (mood elevator), prolactin (a natural antidepressant), oxytocin (mood elevator), thyrotropin-releasing hormone (antidepressant), melatonin (induces sleep), and serotonin (well-known antidepressant neurotransmitter), among many others. It’s not a stretch for researchers to then consider whether semen would have antidepressive effects, given its composition. The presence of two female hormones in semen (FSH and LH) may indicate that it has some power to trigger ovulation.

Bering also notes that the vagina has long been known as an ideal route for drug delivery because of the many arteries and blood vessels in the area. Chemicals that enter the body through the vagina “have an almost direct line to the peripheral vascular system.”

Results of Study
Now that you know biologically why the theory seems plausible, what did the researchers actually study and discover? They recruited 293 college females from the SUNY-Albany campus, who filled out anonymous surveys about their sexual behavior. They compared women who had sexual activity with condoms with those who did not. They also tracked depressive symptoms using the Beck Depression Inventory, a fairly common clinical tool.

After adjusting for frequency of sexual intercourse, women who had sex and “never” used condoms showed significantly lower depressive symptoms than those who “usually” or “always” used condoms. The unprotected, sexually active women were also less depressed than those who abstained from sex. Sexually active women who used condoms were “just as depressed” as those practicing abstinence. (This takes care of the argument that happier people have sex, or that having sex makes for happier people.)  I repeat my above statement that this article is intended for married/committed couples as unprotected sex with multiple partners remains a very high risk.

In addition, women having sex who “never” used condoms were much less likely to have attempted suicide than those who “sometimes” or “usually” used them.

Still, I immediately thought about hormonal birth control and its possible effects. It turns out the researchers also controlled for that possibility. They also controlled for frequency of sex and duration of the relationship with the male partner.

In an important caveat, the researchers admit that the results are “preliminary and correlational in nature, and as such are only suggestive.” They say that to gather more definitive evidence would ideally require the measurement of seminal components in the recipient’s blood.

Let’s see if they are able to replicate the results, or if they even plan to. There certainly are other plausible explanations for the results.

Ladies, are you surprised by the results? Do you think there could be other causes for the reduced levels of depression? Men, have you always thought you held a special power in your loins?

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After I scheduled this post to publish, I found The Generous Husband just posted about this very same topic. Paul lists other potential positive attributes of semen, including pain control and better sleep.

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14 responses to “The Surprising Natural Antidepressant You Might Receive from Your Husband

  1. This is very interesting research, and makes sense to me. I admit that I feel better after making love with my husband: everything seems a little brighter. We as women have been taught to say that we don’t need men, but this research seems to say differently!

  2. Wow, that’s fascinating! I had no idea that semen contained so may substances that can have an impact on mood. My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about how important sex and physical contact are to the healthiness and happiness of our relationship. This research indicates that the impact could be more substantial than we realized. Thanks for sharing information on the topic and look forward to any further updates on this research. As always, you manage to find new and interesting information to share with couples.

  3. Yes Lori, we men are all aware of the special powers from our loins! The most interesting part of this is what was neglected………the loss of sperm in a man is equally powerful in reducing his depression! 🙂

  4. Oh, so many thoughts going through my mind all at once! Yes, very interesting research. Don’t forget that semen can also act as a natural labor inducer. Truly magical stuff!

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud tonight. 🙂

  5. So how do I get the goodness of semen without the risk of pregnancy? (Currently I use condoms + spermicide because hormonal birth control makes me depressed).

    … can it be absorbed orally?

    • Try linking to the original article for a few more details. The researcher did not study oral absorption. In your case use of condoms may be more important. Best to you.

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  7. In reply to Christine’s question above about oral absorption….
    Actually semen contains many healthy ingredients. Seminal fluid is made up of water, proteins, sugars, various enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and (many millions of) sperm cells. As long as your husband is free of STDs, there is no harm at all from swallowing his semen during fellatio. The hormonal benefits are probably greatly reduced as compared to vaginal absorption since the stomach’s digestive acids would break down the trace of hormones in semen.

    And, Kyle is right on target. Men who have more frequent ejaculations are physically healthier and happier guys!

  8. Yassine Daoudi

    I should get a wife ! ASAP to get rid of my depression 😀

  9. My husband and I have been married for nearly forty years and joyfully engage in lovemaking regularly. Marriage is a sacrament with the goal of each spouse helping each other get to heaven. We have sought to make our marriage bed integral to our prayer life. After nearly four decades of marriage (and several children and grandchildren), we are keenly aware of the procreative and a unitive nature of intercourse. I generally climax before, during and sometimes after intercourse. These are my gifts to my husband, and I love to praise him during his ejaculation, for my welcoming acceptance of his semen speaks into his heart.

  10. After four decades of marriage, I find the act of fellatio to be so feminine and it affirms my husband’s manhood. God created sex for a husband and wife to intimately connect with each other. I swallow and this is the norm for me. He’s my husband, I love him. This is something I know he needs and relishes. His semen was an acquired taste, yet has proven to be so fruitful in our marriage. I love him.

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