Super Bowl or Sex—Which Would You Choose?

If you’re feeling down that you can’t send your sports-fanatic husband to the Super Bowl this year, there’s a 65% chance he would enjoy something else even better—one night of mind-blowing sex, says a recent survey. Which would you choose?

Mary Jo Rapini details some other interesting facts about sports fans here, including that 38% of respondents have better sex when their favorite sports team wins, and 9% have withheld sex after their favorite team lost. (That’s some serious pouting.)

Some of you are outside the U.S. and may  not share Americans’ obsession with the Super Bowl. But you can compare it to your biggest sporting event or public event in your country.

The point is that a lot of people take their sports very seriously, and even if you’re not such a sports fan, at least for the Super Bowl, join in the excitement. Host a party. Fix some great snacks. Watch the entertaining commercials. Cheer on your sweetheart’s favorite team. And even if they lose, a private after-party may make you both feel better.

Speaking of mind-blowing sex, Rapini says an even better idea is to build mind-blowing intimacy in your marriage. This means being present to one another inside and outside of the bedroom and learning how to truly connect.

You only have a few days to plan for the Super Bowl fun. How will you celebrate? While I usually like to have a small party and a big pot of chili, we will be celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday this year with extended family. Sometimes football isn’t as important as life.

Another event that is just around the corner is Valentine’s Day. Are you celebrating? Do you shun the holiday because it’s overly commercial? Make sure your sweetheart agrees, or there may be hurt feelings. If you want to send your mate a thoughtful card on February 11th instead, be my guest, but don’t miss out on an opportunity to celebrate this year! Read Celebrate in Your Own Way. I find most of us need reminders and deadlines, or we forget to go out and find a meaningful gift or write a note of gratitude. If you say “we celebrate every day together,” make sure you’re being honest. Each month, continue to look for opportunities to celebrate in your unique way.

Special Offer from Power of Two Online: Remember reading about Power of Two online tools to boost your marriage? (Read Web-Based Marriage Training Tool is Affordable and Private.) You might have planned to join, but then forgot. Well, PO2 has a special pre-Valentine’s Day challenge. Join before Friday, try it out, and they will buy you and your sweetie two tickets to the movies if you choose to keep the account after your free trial period. Read the details here

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