What to Expect Here in 2011

I’ve listened to my readers and given a lot of thought to what type of posts to focus on here at Marriage Gems in 2011. Following is the general outline I will use for the next quarter, excepting any big news that I feel necessitates immediate comment. I’ll then reassess reader requests and feedback. Please let me know what topics interest you most.

Mondays: Research-based marriage tips, including interviews, book reviews or the latest relationship or psychology research that can help you understand your spouse and improve your marriage. Topics, such as better communication and conflict resolution, will fall here.

Wednesdays: Happy Life, Happy Marriage–Happiness is hard to define, but you know it when you’ve got it. I’ll be sharing loads of content on how to make your life and your  marriage happier.

Fridays: Keeping the Spark Alive! Links and suggestions for keeping the sexual part of your union in top-notch shape.

This year, I’ll also be sharing more links to interesting marriage blogs. Keep in mind my Blogroll and Marriage Resources pages already include lots of helpful links.

Does that cover your interest areas? Feel free to post a comment or email me directly with any suggestions. Thanks!

5 responses to “What to Expect Here in 2011

  1. I’m so *happy* you are focusing on happiness! It is so important for both partners to feel and act happy on a daily basis in order for a relationship to thrive. I would love to see a list of ways to show your partner you are happy, this may sound like it would be obvious, but if like me, you are a little bit on the reserved or moody side of the spectrum, you might not know how to show it when you are happy.

  2. Great! I’m excited to share lots of useful content on happiness, including how much are born with and how much you can control. All the best,

  3. I don’t have any suggestions, but look forward to the coming posts. All of these categories sound good to me!

  4. Also, think they all sound great topics.

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