Vote for Marriage Gems as Top 10 Marriage Blog

First, I’m so appreciative to have you as a reader here, whether you read every post or visit occasionally. I am always interested in your feedback and suggestions.

I’m honored that Marriage Gems is a finalist for one of the Top Ten Marriage Blogs of 2010. It’s a list that started at The Marry Blogger, and is a great way to introduce yourself to other marriage blogs if you have an interest. Here’s the list to browse. The competition is heightened this year, with 45 finalists compared to last year’s 18.

During the last year, if you have found tips, research, insights or interviews helpful in your marriage I’s appreciate your vote. This blog is done on a volunteer basis with no advertising or affiliate programs. Even my e-book is free. You can read about why I write about research-based marriage tips here.

Click here to place your vote today for Marriage Gems or for your favorite marriage blog. Many thanks!

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One response to “Vote for Marriage Gems as Top 10 Marriage Blog

  1. Congratulations for being a marriage gems finalist. I wrote a blog on the future of marriage. Even tho, I am a divorce lawyer I still believe in marriage as stated in my blog
    Michael C. Craven
    Chicago Divorce Lawyer

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