How To Combat These 3 Libido Killers

Relationships Web site YourTango published my article today, “How To Combat These 3 Libido Killers–three simple ways to combat technology addiction for better sex.” Here’s a little teaser on the content:

What if you could have twice as much sex with one small change? Researchers say you can. Technology may be robbing you of a toe-curling sex life. You haven’t noticed the silent alarm, but chances are you’re getting robbed each and every night…

Zip on over to read the article, which includes great tips on enhancing the use of technology in our lives to maximize sexual pleasure in  marriage. Before you go, read the giveaway info below.

As an added bonus for my regular readers or for new readers from YourTango, I’m offering a sexy giveaway that has been very popular in the past–A Private Affair, The Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans and Promises for Couples. I will hold a drawing next Friday for the game. The drawing is open to all LifeGems4Marriage subscribers (new or existing) who comment on the article either here or on the YourTango post. If you are just too shy to leave a comment (we’re really nice here, don’t be scared!), you can order your own game here.

As a gift for all readers, whether you decide to subscribe or not, feel free to read, download, share, or comment on the free e-book, “Marriage Gems: 10 Secrets for Marital Success.” What’s your #1 secret to happiness in marriage?

If you’re new to this blog, welcome! You can read a little about me and link to some of the top posts here. Or just browse around and check out some recent posts, and chime in with your thoughts or questions.

FYI, this article for YourTango is a part of a “31-Day Challenge” for Better Sex. You’ll find articles every day geared to this topic during the month of October.

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8 responses to “How To Combat These 3 Libido Killers

  1. I can’t find the article on tango.


  2. I definitely agree with this. We’ve gotten rid of the TV in the bedroom, but now we just need to combat watching the TV down in the family room.

    That game sounds interesting. Include me in the contest.

  3. Great article. I totally agree!

  4. Kent & Jennifer

    We agree completely. As soon as the kids go to bed, we turn off the TV and try to connect. It has really helped.

    Please include us in the drawing. We would love to try your game.

    • Kent & Jennifer, I am happy to announce that you are the winner of the game, A Private Affair!! I will contact you for your address and get it sent out to you. Congratulations. I hope you also downloaded the free e-book as a bonus gift. Best wishes to you both!!

  5. I love the article! I would like to be entered in the contest! Thanks for helping spread the word of Great Relationship Savers!

  6. We haven’t had cable in nearly 4 years and don’t miss it at all for so many reasons. But absolutely our ‘smart’ phones are interfering in all aspects of our personal time. I am reminded of when I was a child, with two parents who worked out of the home. Dinner time, the personal phone AND business phone were literally taken off the hook to have an uninterrupted meal. I have joked recently, but think it will become a serious notion soon, that we will have to do something similar with our cell phones.

    I even heard on the radio yesterday how some families are instituting a “cell phone free zone” in their homes. Good idea I think.

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