Stop Annoying Me, Dear!

Is the snoring keeping you on edge? Are the socks on the floor driving you to drink? What’s gotten you all worked up today? This award-winning, poignant TV spot by ThinkFamily may change your views about life’s annoyances as well as its beautiful imperfections.

7 responses to “Stop Annoying Me, Dear!

  1. survivinghusband

    Thankyou. That was just what I needed this morning.

  2. So touching….thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful way to start the weekend. Helps put all the childrens toys and messy rooms into perspective too.

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  6. I almost lost my husband to a brain aneurysm 2 years ago. Thank you for this today. I will remember this video tonight as I put in my earplugs… 🙂

    My last post talks about the little things as well.

  7. Wow, Bernice. Glad he is OK. I, too, find earplugs to bring marital harmony.

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