10 Crazy Reasons and 10 Better Reasons to Marry

Visit my guest post at the insightful relationship blog It Might Be Love for ten crazy reasons to get married, and 10 better reasons to marry. Thanks so much to Michelle Stein for the opportunity. Share it with your single friends or children, and add your comments whether you agree or disagree.

What is the number-one reason you married?

5 responses to “10 Crazy Reasons and 10 Better Reasons to Marry

  1. My number one reason for marrying my husband is that I knew I didn’t want to live my life without him any more. I knew I either had to marry him or break up with him, and I couldn’t see myself living without him. And I’m so glad I chose the route I did!

    • Thanks for sharing, Kathleen. Certainly on the “great reasons” list. And even if he lacks fashion sense as you say, it sounds like you made an ideal choice. 😉

  2. Legal benefits.

    The only reason we signed a legal contract was so that we and our possible children would be protected under the law. So we would have access to benefits and resources and the rights and privileges necessary to take care of each other.

    Otherwise, it would have been a simple handfasting ceremony.

  3. Integrity.

    I knew her past, and her injuries, but I also knew she had a massive amount of integrity. I figured that her integrity would result in her dealing with “her stuff”. I was right.

    I was also attracted to her integrity, and her spirituality, because I wanted someone who would challenge me to do better in both areas. Living with my bride is like regularly playing chess with someone who can beat you – you learn a lot!

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