Is Your Cell Phone Impeding Your Relationship?

I enjoy my iphone as much as the next person, but I’m troubled by survey results that suggest many people value their phones as much as their closest relationships. Are you addicted to your smartphone? Here are two interesting stats:

  • surveyed 400 smartphone users who said their smartphone was as important in their lives as having an intimate relationship (both at 40 percent).
  • reports that 7 percent of respondents in their survey admitted to checking their phones during sex. I find this number astounding. If you are one of those 7 percent, it’s time to put some distance between you and your smartphone.

Mature adults are throwing up their hands and complaining the younger generation lacks an understanding of intimacy, because technology rules their lives. Do you agree, or do you think technology can be used all day without impeding one’s relationships?

My view is that while technology is quite valuable and entertaining, we must have limits. For example, if you are taking your spouse out for a romantic dinner, it is just as rude to text or take phone calls as it would be in a job interview (with the possible exception of the babysitter calling). If you’re taking a walk together or cuddling on the couch, don’t interrupt that important time with your phone. If you’re on the beach with your family, turn your phone off and enjoy the moment. Text your friend later. Check your email in the morning. And just so we are clear, it is never, ever OK to check your phone during sex. It communicates a lack of interest and boredom.

Remember the phone has an off button. Use it now and then, and see what you’re missing. Read about achieving True Connectivity.

Has your partner ever used their phone at an inappropriate time? What was the result?  Do you ever feel the phone impedes your relationship? Or, is your phone such an important part of your life that you can’t imagine going without it for even part of a day?

Survey results reported by Tim Altom in this week’s Indianapolis Business Journal. just shared a new study released by the University of Maryland concludes that most college students are functionally unable to be without their media links to the world for even one day. Read the results of the study.

11 responses to “Is Your Cell Phone Impeding Your Relationship?

  1. Checking a cell phone during sex?! First of all, how?! I mean I have heard of multi-tasking, but that’s ridiculous. Love this post Lori… so true that technology has become so woven into our lives that we almost feel “naked” without the phone at our fingertips. Better to get naked the old fashion way and turn the phone off. There are no shortcuts to true intimacy (sexual, emotional, spiritual or otherwise). Be blessed! Keep up the great message you’re sending with your blog! Julie

  2. Yes, I like the image of being “naked” even of technology. Thanks for the input, Julie!

  3. Checking their phones during sex? Were they tweeting? Sex is not a multitasking activity!

  4. I watched my ex check his email on his iPhone at least 10 times during the memorial service for one of our friends. I think that everybody can become way too attached to a smart phone, and I full admit being one of those people. But when you’re with your significant other, shut the damn phone off, lol

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  9. My girlfriend’s constantly texting whenever we hang out. It’s rather annoying. Of course, a moment with her texting could be an emergency. This idea has kept me sane for so long that one day, I asked her to kindly shut her phone off. I told her how I felt. She complied.

    • It’s a common complaint, and you are right to tell her it bothers you. The fact that she complied means she cares about your feelings. Hopefully there is a period of time each day that you can agree to be focused on each other with no devices interfering.

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