Who’s Marrying for Money?

In previous generations, marriage was the path for women to find financial security. In 2010, it may be men who are receiving the economic boost for marriage.

  • American women have outpaced men in education and income growth during the last 40 years.
  • Compared to the 1970s, many of today’s husbands are married to women with earnings and education that surpass theirs.
  • More women today are married to men with incomes and education below theirs.

A Pew Research Center report focused on U.S. couples aged 30 to 44. It was the first age group in which more women than men have college degrees. It’s considered a gender reversal, because in 1970, men were generally more educated than their wives, and now the opposite is true. About half have similar education levels. Only 4% of wives in 1970 out-earned their husbands, while in 2007, 22% of wives earned more.

From 1970 to 2007, women’s incomes have increased 44%, and men’s incomes have risen just 6%. However, a gap in earnings still exists. While women in the 70s earned only 52% of what men earned, they still earn about 78% of men’s salaries. Women made further inroads in earnings due the recession, with men losing more jobs than women. Details were reported by the Associated Press.

Do you think it’s important in a marriage who has more education or who earns more money?

4 responses to “Who’s Marrying for Money?

  1. Interesting stats, I had no idea!

    I don’t believe that it matter how much money you make, or your level of education.

    And just because you have one doesn’t mean you have the other, some of the highest earning people I know have no post-secondary education.

    The only comparison in a relationship that should matter is how each person contributes to the RELATIONSHIP. If both partners are happy, that’s what matters.

    • Very true about many higher income individuals not necessarily having the highest education levels. And I agree, there are many more important contributions than the amount of one’s paycheck.

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