Announcing a New E-book: Love Everyday—Thoughts on Loving Amidst the Chaos of Life

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and National Marriage Week, I’m excited to share a brand new resource with you that has been in the works for a couple of months. The free e-book, called Love Everyday: Thoughts on Loving Amidst the Chaos of Life, represents the collective efforts of 27 talented relationship writers. I was excited to be invited to be a featured author and editor of the project. You’ll find everything from humorous insights to practical relationship tips.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and share this e-book freely. I will leave a link to it in my sidebar as well, so you can send people here to Life Gems to find it if you prefer. If you are new to Life Gems4Marriage, welcome!  Please check out some of the more popular posts listed below.  I invite you to sign-up for free updates via RSS or email on the right column, and I’ll send you new posts whenever they’re posted for you to read at your convenience. You can also follow me on Twitter @LoriLowe.

How To Access the E-Book

Read Love Everyday by clicking on this link.  Then share it liberally by email, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, word-of-mouth and any other way you can. You can download to your computer and read at your leisure. You can even print it if you prefer a hard copy. It’s totally free and we urge you to help us spread it around the world.

I hope it helps nurture your own Everyday Love. Following is an impressive list of authors who contributed to Love Everyday. Each is passionate about marriage. 

  1. Dr. Michelle Gannon – Marriage Prep 101
  2. Paul Byerly – The Generous Husband
  3. Lori Byerly — The Generous Wife
  4. Denee King – She Just Got Married
  5. Corey Allan – The Simple Marriage
  6. Toni & Alisa DiLorenzo – One Extraordinary Marriage
  7. Stu Gray – The Marry Blogger
  8. Dustin Riechmann – Engaged Marriage
  9. Lori Lowe – Life Gems
  10. Chelle Stein – It Might Be Love
  11. Sheri Kruger – Zen Family Habits Serene Journey
  12. Mandi Ehman – Organizing Your Way
  13. Maureen Shaw – Feeling Flirty
  14. Trudy Sargent – Love Talk
  15. Isabella Mori – Change Therapy
  16. Cindy J. Taylor – Affair Care
  17. Alisa Bowman – Project Happily Ever After
  18. J. Money – Budgets Are Sexy
  19. Dan Miller – 48 Days
  20. Damien Riley –
  21. Samantha Mellen – Mama Notes
  22. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Blog
  23. Kathleen Quiring – Project M
  24. Jeff Nickles – My Super-Charged Life
  25. Brad Chaffee – Enemy of Debt
  26. Nate Desmond – Practical Manliness
  27. Carrie Burgan – Make Mine Happen

 Thank you for your support of this project.

2 responses to “Announcing a New E-book: Love Everyday—Thoughts on Loving Amidst the Chaos of Life

  1. Thank you for helping to edit this ebook!

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