Get Down to Business (Yes, that kind)

Let’s finish up the week with a hilarious video I know all you married folks will enjoy. It’s called Business Time from Flight of the Conchords (a popular New Zealand guitar-based digi-bongo accapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo). It’s a funny way to admit that yes, marriage is sometimes pathetic and mundane, sometimes sexy, but you can always have fun with it.  Have a great weekend!

3 responses to “Get Down to Business (Yes, that kind)

  1. This song is one of my favorites! I don’t think any couple married more than a year can watch this without having a great laugh.

  2. What a hoot! Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning.

  3. A mutual “acquaintance” of ours told me about 28 years ago that eventually, no matter how much I may think I personally ‘discovered’ “it”, “it” would end up being 20 minutes twice a week… He was most definitely exaggerating about the 20 minutes part… LOL! Thank you for my (and Scott’s) laugh of the evening!

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