Give Thanks to Your Spouse this Thanksgiving

How do you feel when someone gives you an unexpected thank-you? Try cultivating that fuzzy feeling in others this week. As we approach Thanksgiving, everyone starts talking about giving thanks as if should be an annual event. Thanksgiving is a great reminder, but we should make showing gratitude a regular habit. Start with those closest to you–your husband or wife and other family members.

This week, tell your spouse three things you are thankful for about them. It’s a great marriage-booster. Give praise/thanks for:

1) A skill (cooking, their skill at work, how organized or handy they are, etc.)

2) A physical trait (Men need to be complimented too, especially since men don’t give each other compliments like women do.)

3) A character trait (resiliency, honesty, being calm in the face of crisis, friendly to everyone, etc.)

If you want BONUS points, praise for your spouse publicly around the Thanksgiving dinner table. After you thank your spouse, do the same for your children and parents. Make a habit of thanking people regularly for all they do for you.  If you make gratitude a regular habit, you may even find yourself thankful for adversity and challenges, as they can bring a family closer together.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for about your spouse?

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