So What do You Want to Read About?

While I love, love, love it when my readers make comments on my blog and start a dialogue, I’ve been even more blessed with many personal notes thanking me for writing particular posts that have helpful in someone’s marriage. To think even one person’s marriage or family could benefit from this blog is tremendous. Thank you for reading and applying some of the research and tips!

If you’re too shy to leave a public post, feel free to email me through the contact page. I would appreciate hearing what YOU want to read about. What stage of marriage are you in (premarital, newlywed, 7-year itch, second marriage, post-children, empty nest, etc.)? In what marital topics or challenges are you interested in reading (in-laws, balancing career/family, financial, spirutual, sexual, reviving the romance, infertility, infidelity, making home life more joyful, etc.). Post your suggestions here or send me a private note if you prefer.

May your relationship grow stronger each day.

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