What Makes a Great Marriage?

Continuing from my last post, which offered two recipes for a successful marriage, following are some very interesting facts about what sets the best marriages apart, according to sociologists as reported in Deseret News:

  • The quality and openness of sex is more important than its frequency.
  • 90% of couples who pray together report “very great” sexual satisfaction.
  • Couples who agree on religious faith AND family finances double their chances of success.
  • Most unhappy couples acknowledge their conflicts are of relatively recent origin and are short-term, not necessarily a precursor to divorce or infidelity.
  • At any moment, fewer than one-fifth of couples are in the “falling in love stage.”
  • At any moment, more than half of couples are “settling down” in their marriage.
  • At any moment, one-fourth of couples, young and old, report they are “beginning again”—reviving the romance of their earliest years together.

I love that last fact! Have you thought about the need to “begin again” with your spouse—to revive the spark and refresh your romance on a regular basis? Every marriage will experience ebbs and flows. Perhaps now is a great time for you to invest more of your time and effort into your relationship. Cultivate romance.

Begin by thinking about why you married your spouse in the first place. Think about your wedding day and the feelings you shared.  Reminisce with your spouse. List his or her positive traits if you need to, and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. If you need some inspiration, check out 7 Small Things You can Do to Improve Your Marriage.

In which stage is your marriage? Do you agree with the social scientists or is every marriage unique?

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