Marriage & Family Stimulus Part II

Last week, I shared insights from Darryl Cobbin for fathers and husbands. This week, I wanted to link to his second article, which focuses on stress the need to have a support network that extends beyond your immediate family. In it, he cites, “According to the latest Gallup poll, two-thirds of all Americans say they are stressed because of the recession and almost half worry that they won’t be able to support their families. Calls to mental health hotlines have almost doubled in the last year. Emergency rooms are seeing spikes in people being admitted for alcohol abuse and drug overdoses. I read one report in Newsday that one ER admitted two men for overdosing on Tylenol! One had a fight with his wife; the other was just feeling overwhelmed. Some of us are destroying ourselves by self-medicating in solitude when the only prescription we really need is each other.”

Cobbin also kindly links his readers back to this blog (Life Gems) as a resource, and I’m so appreciative of that recommendation. Finally, at the end of his article you’ll find a short survey to test your stress level. I’ve known several strong men who hid their stress well, but only on the outside and later had detrimental effects to their careers or families. Stress isn’t just an attitude; high levels of cortisol can be tested in your blood, and stress can cause serious health problems. Take the quiz, talk to your family, and build a strong support network.  What’s your stress number?

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