One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

It’s been shown to help you create greater wealth and better health. Studies show it leads to longer life, healthier children and increased happiness. It doesn’t come in a bottle, and you can’t buy it on credit. But a happy marriage is one of the best gifts you can give yourself—and your children.

Close your eyes, and imagine a marriage that you would like for your daughter. How does her husband show her affection? How does he care for her? And picture your son with his wife of 10 years. What kind of respect is he given? What does their interaction look like? How is he as a father?

Now open your eyes, and look at your own life. If what you are modeling for your children is a little less rosy than what you are envisioning for them, then you are not doing yourself—or them—justice. I once heard someone say, “Don’t accept a life for yourself that you wouldn’t want for your own child.” If you can’t show how to have a good balance in life, they may not find it either. If you work too much and don’t take time for family vacations, don’t be surprised if they grow up and don’t have time to spend with you or even their own children. If you don’t model how to show affection, they probably won’t be comfortable with showing affection in their own families. If you don’t treat one another with respect and devotion, they won’t know that those are important in a marriage.

Even if you don’t have children, realize you are also modeling for all those around you.

Do you want all the gifts that come from a happy marriage? How are you working to strengthen yours?

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