Marriage/relationship blogs I enjoy:
Dr. Scott Haltzman Learn secrets of happily married couples from author and therapist.
Simple Marriage Create a better marriage by keeping things simple.
Journey to Surrender A counter-cultural pathway to a stronger Christian marriage.
Marriage Life Ministries  Enriching marriages moment by moment.
Project M Musings on love, marriage and the madness that ensues.
Project Happily Ever After From wishing her hubby was dead to renewing her vows, Alisa Bowman discusses her newly terrific marriage.
The Generous Wife  Brief tips on becoming a generous Christian wife.
The Generous Husband Advice on becoming a better Christian husband.
ONE Extraordinary Marriage Advice and coaching from Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo.
Engaged Marriage Don’t just stay married; stay engaged. Also family planning info.
Stupendous Marriage Encouraging stupendous marriages.
Dr. Michelle Gannon Psychologist specializing in relationships and women’s issues.
The Romantic Vineyard A rich harvest of ideas to help your marriage grow.
Intimacy in Marriage Encouraging Christian women toward healthy sexual intimacy.
It Might Be Love Dating and relationship inspiration.
Your Tango Relationship advice for singles and marrieds.
Confessions of a Loving Wife About love, marriage and the adventures of domestic life.
Gwen In Love An old-fashioned girls’ guide to love, marriage and rockin’ hot sex.
She Just Got Married Discovering YOU after I do.
Whispered Between Women
Sarah Markley Describing her experience with infidelity and rekindling her marriage.
Bride and Groom Money Talk
Christian Marriage Today

Family blogs I enjoy:
Moms with Grace
Simple Mom
The Young Mommy Life

Other blogs I enjoy:
Enemy of Debt
My Super Charged Life
Stephanie Baffone (struggles with infertility)
Damien Riley
The Wisdom Journal
Happily Ever After the movie
The Sun Magazine

Additional Online Resources:
Information on Sexuality for Cancer Patients